Miley Cyrus Dons Alien Attire For VMA Host News: Will She Twerk, Talk LGBT, Or Tap Her Way To History Again? [Video]

Miley Cyrus made history by proving that Hannah Montana was forever gone when she bared most of her body and twerked her bum by Robin Thicke at the 2013 Video Music Awards. And now, Miley will return to the scene of the twerk by hosting the MTV Video Music Awards in August, reported Fox News.

Cyrus spilled the news on social media in a very Miley way. With pics of what appeared to be the singer in alien attire, she shared the good news — and the bad news.

“MTV won’t let me perform, so I’m hosting this year’s VMAs.”

Since her derriere display with Thicke at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, Miley continued to surprise at the VMAs the following year. After the announcement came that Cyrus was the winner of the video of the year trophy, the 22-year-old requested that her companion for the night, a young homeless man named Jesse Helt, go before the cameras to take her trophy for her.

Look for Miley at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards on MTV on Aug. 30.

And although Cyrus will probably do something to make headlines at the MTV Video Music Awards this year, Miley isn’t alone in getting the media’s and public’s attention at the VMAs, reported Reuters.

In addition to Cyrus’s twerk with Thicke, Kanye West tweaked off Taylor Swift fans by commanding the stage during her acceptance speech. That Kanye moment also made history.

Britney Spears also created a VMA milestone when she and Madonna kissed during another VMA Awards show.

And for Miley? Cyrus may use the 2015 VMA hosting platform to give a shout-out to her newest cause, the Happy Hippie Foundation, designed to help homeless and LGBT youth, reported Forbes.

Concerned about what she sees as one of society’s most vulnerable communities, Miley has appealed to Governor Andrew Cuomo to make room for homeless young people in the budget for New York. With State Senator Brady Hoylman specifically seeking $4.75 million to give these youth a place to sleep that is safe, the request was approved.

As the Inquisitr reported, Miley is currently dating Stella Maxwell. Cyrus has been candid in discussing her bisexuality.

“There are times in my life where I’ve had boyfriends or girlfriends. And there are times where I just love being with myself and don’t want to give part of myself away to someone else … I think that’s a new freedom for women, especially.”

[Image via Miley Cyrus / Instagram]