Enjoy Online Bonuses In ‘GTA V’ All This Week, New In-Game Offers Available Every Day

Following up this past weekend’s special heist event in Grand Theft Auto V that allowed players to gain double rewards from the Prison Break heist in the title’s online multiplayer mode, Rockstar Games announced today that they will be offering gamers another chance to earn additional payout within GTA Online this week. The developer revealed on their official Twitter account that GTA V fans can now earn twice the normal amounts of cash and RP for successfully completing the co-op Humane Labs Raid heist mission.

Further discussing the specific heist mission at the center of this week’s Grand Theft Auto V online event, the Rockstar Newswire detailed the challenges that gamers will face while attempting to earn the bonus rewards from the Human Labs Raid heist.

“This week GTA Online Heists continue to be more lucrative than ever with 2X RP and GTA$ payouts for the second four-person Heist: the raid on Humane Labs. This Heist will see you and three associates get to pilot some powerful vehicles: the VTOL Hydra, the Insurgent and the Valkyrie. Master these vehicles safe in the knowledge you’ll be pocketing twice the payout and RP all week long.”

Since this week’s bonus heist mission requires GTA V users to utilize the in-game flying skills, players will also be able to earn extra RP for completing several flight-based activities within GTA Online. These auxiliary bonus rewards will be granted to plane takedown activities, flight school missions, and parachuting. Furthermore, to help train fans for the on-foot portions of the Human Labs Heist, Rockstar Games is also providing twice the normal RP payouts for gang attacks and specific deatthmatches.

In addition to offering extra rewards for the Human Labs co-op heist, Grand Theft Auto V players will also be able to take advantage of new in-game discounts on gear and equipment. Throughout the course of this week’s event, Rockstar Games will be offering a variety of savings.

“Finally, each day this week there’ll be an additional incentive to make sure you maximize every day of this limited-time offer. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to pick up top notch gear for rock bottom prices, and even more Double GTA$ in Adversary Modes.”

To kick off the savings, GTA V players can now pick up all heist clothing for only half their normal in-game price. This sale will only be available on Monday, with a new offering set to go live every day.

Are you happy for the chance to get extra rewards in GTA V online heists or does the prospect of a week-long sales event excite you more?

[Images via Rockstar Games]