‘Big Brother 17’ News: Who Is the Most Popular Houseguest In ‘BB17’ So Far?

Big Brother 17 news includes a new popularity poll. The BB17 houseguests are close to completing Week 4 in the game, with a few contestants really standing out as fan favorites so far. A report from fan site Big Brother Network reveals that John McGuire is the most popular houseguest in BB17. He received 49.63 percent of the vote in a poll taken by thousands of Big Brother fans. While it isn’t entirely scientific, the poll shows just how much fun that fans think it is to have John in the house.

Following John McGuire in the poll is Jason Roy, with just 9.88 percent of the vote. That’s a huge difference between the top two houseguests, but it’s third place that might surprise CBS viewers. Da’Vonne Rogers received 5.25 percent of the Week 4 vote, despite being evicted at the end of Week 2. It shows that fans still enjoy having seen her in the house, and it suggests a lot of people would like to see her return.

A few more of the top vote receivers are Liz Nolan (4.87 percent), Vanessa Rousso (3.78 percent), Austin Matelson (3.43 percent), and Shelli Poole (3.27 percent). Maybe the most interesting facet of this Big Brother 17 news is how far Clay Honeycutt has slipped in his popularity. He used to be the most popular person in the house, but viewers have soured on him quite a bit recently based on what had gone down in the BB17 house. Jason Roy has seen his numbers go up from 5.8 percent the previous week.

When it comes to the power rankings of the players this season, Big Brother Network also has a new report on that. At the top of that list are Shelli Poole, Vanessa Rousso, and Steve Moses (in that order). It makes sense with what they have been doing in the house, as Shelli and Vanessa appear to be running things, while Steve has become well-liked by nearly everyone. As for the worst ranked houseguest, that honor goes to Audrey Middleton for her terrible gameplay recently. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, recent Big Brother 17 spoilers indicate that she is going home next.

The least popular houseguests this season are Jace Agolli and Jeff Weldon. It has been that way for a while now, which could explain how easily it was for the BB17 house to vote them out. An interesting note is that Julia Nolan is more popular than Audrey Middleton, Becky Burgess, and Jackie Ibarra so far. These rankings could shift a bit in Big Brother 17 news from Week 5, but it is starting to look like John McGuire has the inside track to win America’s Favorite Player this year.

[Image Source: CBS Big Brother Press Kit]