Violence Of Farm Murders Intensifies In Regions Of South Africa Where Julius Malema And EFF Have Support

Jinger Jarrett

Recently, the activist group AfriForum and agricultural union TAU UA released their findings on the attacks against farmers in South Africa, as well as the number of farm murders committed in the first six months of 2015. According to the numbers released, approximately five percent of the farmers in South Africa had been murdered since 1990.

The news was nothing new. What was startling is that the nature of farm murders in South Africa had changed: they were more brutal in nature, and where they were being committed had shifted. Although police claim the farm murders are the result of robbery, victims are often brutally beaten and the women raped.

The Gauteng province once held first place as the most dangerous place for farmers to live. Now, it has changed. Gauteng placed third, while Limpopo and KwaZulu-Natal placed first and second, respectively, as the most dangerous provinces for farmers to live in.

What's interesting is that two of the top four provinces that had the most farm attacks and murders were strongholds for Julius Malema and the Economic Freedom Fighters, a far-left political party in South Africa run by Julius Malema.

As reported in the Liberty Voice, Malema expressed his dislike of the children of colonists who came from Europe and settled in South Africa. The African National Congress, the ruling party, and the Economic Freedom Fighters have been criticized because of their failure to stop the farm murders. Both parties have called for redistribution of the land, even if it means by force, a factor critics say is a cause for the farm murders. Due to the fact that the farm murders have been committed over a period of years, the issue has failed to attract the attention of the international community.

Voice of America reported that Malema claims that there is an unfair distribution of land in South Africa, with whites occupying the largest share. The records for his claims date to before the end of apartheid, with no known records to prove who actually owns all the land. Malema called for the occupation of land without compensation for it. He also said that land in the country would be nationalized.

"Under an EFF government, land will be nationalized and both so-called private and public and residential land, it will all be under the state ownership. And all of us will have to apply for permission to use that land."

Do you believe that Julius Malema and the Economic Freedom Fighters have a hand in calling for these farm attacks and farm murders?

[Photo Credit Telegraph UK]