Los Angeles Earthquake: Buildings Sway In 3.8 Magnitude Quake

Victor Johnson

Los Angeles was hit by a magnitude 3.8 earthquake which struck at 8:08 a.m. PDT on Saturday. The small quake caused buildings in downtown L.A. to sway.

The U.S. Geological Survey has indicated that the epicenter was roughly two miles northwest of Devore, in San Bernardino County.

After an initial report of the quake having been 4.1, the earthquake's magnitude was downgraded to 3.8

WSJ.com reports that a San Bernardino County sheriff's dispatcher stated that the Rancho Cucamonga station shook for a few seconds, but, fortunately there were no resulting injuries or damage.

Roughly two minutes after the initial earthquake hit, a 2.0 magnitude aftershock hit roughly one-half mile away and was followed by a 1.8 magnitude shock which occurred at 8:14 a.m. PDT, according to the USGS.

Dr. Lucy Jones of the U.S. Geological Survey indicated that the Los Angeles earthquake occurred in an area where three faults come into contact with one another. She also dismissed earlier reports that the quake had occurred on the San Andreas Fault as she said that this was incorrect.

L.A. residents reported shaking along the County's beaches.

Paul Harrington was at his home in Hesperia, where he was reading a book in bed, when he felt the quake strike. Hesperia is roughly 20 miles north of the epicenter. Harrington was quoted having said:

"It started out as a little tremble, like a plane passing overhead. Then a few seconds later, there was a real jolt. A few seconds after that there was another smaller jolt."

Did any of our west coast readers happen to feel the recent 3.8 magnitude Los Angeles earthquake?