WWE News: WWE Looking To Take Ring Of Honor Out, Took Shot At Them During ‘WWE Battleground’

WWE is known for being the top wrestling promotion in the world. When your average person thinks about wrestling, WWE or WWF come to mind right away. This might be deeper for fans of wrestling, but on average, WWE is known. So it may come as a surprise that WWE holds a bit of a grudge over Ring of Honor, an indie promotion — who is in no way competition for WWE. In fact, most would imagine that WWE would be friendly to a place that helped produce some of their biggest stars.

However, that is not the case.

According to Cageside Seats, WWE is miffed at ROH for starting the trend of doing indie shows during WrestleMania week. This, apparently, has been stirring for some time. It is not a shock that WWE is putting a WWE NXT show on the same night as ROH’s show in New York, the night before WWE SummerSlam on August 22. The NXT show has sold over 10,000 tickets so far, and WWE has actually put more out. They are stacking the show to make it can’t-miss.

This is said to be a direct shot at indie promotions. WWE even put on an NXT show the night before WrestleMania in San Jose, California, to hurt indie shows taking advantage of the WWE fanbase being in the same town during a big week for them.

WWE is looking to take ROH out in some ways — so do not be surprised if the trend of them putting on WWE NXT shows before big events continues. WWE will win that battle every day of the week.

According to the Wrestling Observer, WWE took a shot at ROH last night big time at WWE Battleground. You may have noticed the ring apron bumps that came in full force last night. Over a dozen happened, in fact. This was not because the wrestlers just wanted to do them, but rather WWE wanted them to be done. The splash Big E. did was certainly a shot at ROH.

ROH is known for the apron bumps, like many other indie promotions. WWE was simply doing this to show that they can do anything they want with their talent just as well.

WWE has many talented ring workers who can work in various styles. For the longest time, fans have considered indie wrestling better because of the big bumps you could see there, versus WWE, where they didn’t happen as often, if at all. The ring apron bumps have become an indie staple. WWE was showing that they could easily do them, and any other spot they wanted, but do not get used to seeing them on every show. The apron is the hardest part of the ring, and doing these spots every night wouldn’t be safe for the WWE talent. This was just a shot to show ROH that anything they can do, WWE can do better, if you will.

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