Doug Lynch: University of Pennsylvania Dean Faked PhD

The University of Pennsylvania’s vice dean, Doug Lynch, tricked school officials into believing he held a master’s degree as well as a doctorate from Colombia University.

UPenn discovered Lynch’s deceit, however, they kept him on in a leadership role regardless of his false claims. According to University of Pennsylvania graduate school spokeswoman Kat Stein:

“He mistakenly believed it was complete. This week, however, after the report appeared in the Inquirer, officials immediately placed Lynch on leave ‘pending the outcome of an ongoing investigation.'”

Lynch has since resigned from his role at UPenn.

Y! News reports that various university officials who previously spoke to the Philadelphia Inquirer refused to speak with ABC News as they directed calls to the media relations department. The department issued a statement which said:

“The university now considers this matter closed.”


Before working at the University of Pennsylvania, Doug was employed by New York University and the College Board, as indicated by his UPenn website biography.

He’s described in a short biography as a trained economist who has completed doctoral work in education evaluation at ASU in addition to studying Political Theory and obtaining an MBA from NYU. The bio goes onto claim that Lynch assisted with the manifestation of one of the country’s first charter schools, that he assisted WorldCom with SEC sanctions, and worked with FDNY after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Columbia University officials did not comment on the process through which a doctorate is received, nor did they offer any explanation as to how the mistake could have been made.

What are your thoughts on Doug Lynch and his fake PhD?