Creepy Alien Creature Captured On Video Climbing Building [Video]

In August 2014, the horrifying and incredible video was uploaded to YouTube, racking up more than 5 million views.

Viewers of this chilling video labeled the enormous alien creature, Slender Man.

Similar to what happens with most alien sightings, this notorious video has been painstakingly scrutinized and analyzed to determine whether the alien is in fact, real, a hoax, or part of another alien conspiracy.

Alien conspiracies are complex and interwoven. They are filled with their own agendas, including countless stories and images of alien visitors, government secrets, unexplainable events, and weird personalities.

One of the best-known alien conspiracies is Roswell. In 1947, the Roswell Air Force Base issued a press release saying they discovered a mysterious metallic disc on a nearby ranch. Later, officials at the air force base quickly changed their wording, saying they actually discovered what appeared to be parts of a weather balloon.

For close to seventy years, the U.S. Air Force has not deviated from their story. However, former employees at the base tell different stories that include massive cover-ups, multiple crash sites, and even a reported alien autopsy.

Those who follow Esoteric Hitlerism interpret the story of Nephilim located in the Bible.

Miguel Serrano, a Chilean diplomat, journalist, author, and the man who spearheaded the Esoteric Hitlerism, described his philosophy as a new religious faith that is able to change the materialistic man of today into a new idealistic hero.

Serrano claims Esoteric Hitlerism is much more than a religion–it is a way to metamorphose a hero into a God.

In 1984, Serrano published his book Adolf Hitler: The Last Avatar, which is dedicated “To the glory of the Führer, Adolf Hitler.” Serrano’s insists that there has been a vast historical conspiracy to conceal the origins of evolved humankind.

Adolf Hitler And Alien Grey
This is a supposed meeting of Adolf Hitler and an alien Grey. (Photo courtesy of Above Top Secret.)

Critics suggest that the gigantic, spider-like alien creature captured on video called Slender Man is probably a hoax.

Nonetheless, the mysterious creatures have been circulating the internet for years.

Most viewers of these chilling videos say they’re horrified and in awe of the possibility that alien creatures like these chould exist here on planet Earth.

[Featured image via YouTube]