Edenilson Steven Valle: News Of 21-Year-Old Who Drowned At Demi Moore’s House Leaves Demi ‘In Shock’

Early Sunday morning on July 19, news broke about a 21-year-old who tragically died in the pool at Demi Moore’s home in Los Angeles. As reported by the Inquisitr, Demi’s house became the scene of the drowning tragedy on Saturday evening. The Associated Press has named the man as Edenilson Steven Valle, a man who didn’t know how to swim.

Moore released a statement via her publicist saying Demi is in “absolute shock” over Valle’s death at her Beverly Crest home. According to KTLA, Edenilson was the friend of an assistant, and wasn’t connected to the Moore Family in any other manner. Moore called the drowning death an “unthinkable tragedy,” with the 52-year-old Demi being out of the country at the time it happened. The pool party was one hosted by Moore’s assistant.

According to Lt. Fred Corral, the Los Angeles County coroner, Steven Valle’s drowning death appeared to be accidental. Valle was missing for approximately 10 or 15 minutes prior to being found at the deep end of the pool at Demi’s house.

Initially, no names were released. TMZ noted that a 21-year-old man had drowned in Demi’s swimming pool and stated that although authorities claimed none of the Moore Family members were home at the time of the drowning — TMZ later updated their article with reports from neighbors. Those neighbors spoke of pool parties that often occurred at the home, with only a limited amount of liquor.

After being invited to the party at Demi’s house by the assistant, Valle reportedly slipped into the pool after falling, with no signs of foul play pointing to Steven’s drowning death. Since Valle did not know how to swim, he drowned, state reports — ones from TMZ that once again point to the fact that neither Demi nor her children were at the home at the time of the tragic drowning death.

A photo gallery on the Associated Press website shows the entrance to Demi’s home, with privacy signs posted. The home on Oak Pass Road can be seen with signs saying no one can enter without permission — along with photographers and authorities gathered near the driveway that has a 10 miles per hour speed limit sign posted. Berg Properties has listed more details about Moore’s home in Beverly Hills. It’s a home that Zillow has listed as not for sale, “off the market” and worth approximately $7.7 million as of this writing. Moore initially purchased the Beverly Hills house in 2003 for $3,150,000, according to public records.

No social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram named “Edenilson Steven Valle” could readily be found online.

[Image via Architectural Digest]