2016 Presidential Polls: Donald Trump's Approval Rating Soaring While Hilary Clinton Powers On

The 2016 presidential polls are already getting very interesting even though the election is still a year away. Two candidates are truly standing out for their respective parties and beginning to pull away in the approval ratings side of things, and it may get too far out of reach for the others. As of now, we may be looking at a presidential race between Donald Trump for the GOP and Hilary Clinton for the Democratic party.

Donald Trump has said some overly-controversial things, but there is still a majority of the country that likes what he brings to the table. According to CNN, Trump is seeing a huge surge this summer and it's because the candidate is garnering Republican support by targeting the Obama Administration.

"They're all talk, they're no action.

"I'm more disappointed in many ways with the Republicans. They have this great indignation, whether it's Benghazi or the emails... nothing ever happens."

A new poll was released on Friday and it showed a big surge for Donald Trump. Sure, he's been turning off the Hispanic population and getting under the skin of his GOP competitors, but taking on President Barack Obama has thrilled the Republican voters.

Making him even more popular is his willingness to attack "underachieving" members of the Republican party. A new Hampshire resident, 56-year-old Julie Pagliarulo, is thrilled that Trump pulls no punches and lets it all out.

"Even though I'm a Republican and I'm obviously voting that way, I'm very disappointed in the Republicans in the House. There's weakness there. Donald just says it like it is. I love it."
On the other side of things, Hilary Clinton is continuing her steamroll through the Democratic party and sitting atop virtually every single poll that comes out. Trump may lead the way in the GOP but others such as Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, and Bobby Jindal continue to move up and down.

Clinton has not seen her lead hurt at all yet, but there is belief that trouble could be coming for her in future presidential polls.

As reported by Fox News, Clinton took 59 percent of the Democratic primary voters compared to just 19 percent for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. This is a slight change from last month when Clinton had 61 percent and Sanders had 15 percent. Some may think that's not a huge deal, but that poll was less than a month ago.

If Hilary Clinton continues to be a presidential candidate who keeps being totally open and honest, some experts believe that voters will think she is "hiding the truth" more than telling it. Perhaps this won't be a deal breaker, but it could come back to bite her.

The 2016 presidential polls are still in the early stages, but Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton appear to be the leaders to become the respective Republican and Democratic candidates. There's still a long time to go, but the others have a lot of work to do so that they can catch up.

[Image via Getty Images - Win McNamee]