CEO Trailer Park: Tony Hsieh, Zappos’ CEO, Lives in Simple Dwellings And Not An Upscale High Rise

A CEO lives in a trailer park? Tony Hsieh, CEO of online retail giant Zappos, lives in simple dwellings instead of an upscale Las Vegas high-rise boasting all the luxury he can easily afford.

The Zappos CEO reportedly has a net worth of $840 million, Business Insider notes in its report. He not only lives in the trailer park, he owns the entire lot.

It was shocking to learn that Hsieh resides in a Las Vegas trailer, the New York Times recently revealed. Since he owns everything there, he’s geared it in a certain way. So, it’s safe to say that this CEO isn’t in a typical trailer park. Rest assured, Tony Hsieh makes this one unlike no other.

The New York Times reports that the trailer park is “crammed with shiny silver Airstreams that are rented out to visiting computer coders.” The community is part of Hsieh’s $350 million investment in an effort to make the city a metropolitan area of thriving businesses and entertainment scenes. There are campfires and a kitchen shared by residents made out of a shipping container.

The trailer that Hsieh lives in with his pet alpaca is called the “Llamapolis.”

“The Airstreams are sleek and high-tech, with wood paneling, stainless-steel appliances, a Bluetooth stereo and two TVs,” the magazine writes.

For those who know the CEO, living in a trailer park isn’t so unusual for Tony Hsieh. He’s notorious for being a frugal millionaire. Erik Moore, who was an early Zappos investor, told Business Insider that money doesn’t mean the same thing to him as it may for other powerful executives in a large company.

“Money is just a way for Tony to get to his endgame. Money just doesn’t matter to him. If he only had a million dollars left, he’d spend $999,999 to make Vegas work. He would be just as happy with a dollar in the bank and being around people he cares about and care about him.”

Hsieh talks about his vision, the importance of having a balance of life, and integrating that with the nature of work.

“A lot of companies talk about work-life balance. We’re more about work-life integration. At the end of the day, it’s life.”

Hsieh leads his company in the form of “Holacracy.” Employees have a voice and belong to groups they choose in order to accomplish tasks. Tensions are settled easily, and there’s a higher level of trust. Employees who work at Zappos experience a fulfilled and enriched environment while achieving major goals.

Are you surprised to learn that a CEO lives in a trailer park when someone like Tony Hsieh can buy almost anything he wants?

[Photo Credit: @JCharesMuir/Twitter]