University Of Colorado Now Admitting Wild Bears? One Applicant Already Denied

Okay so the University of Colorado in Boulder isn’t actually allowing black bears to enroll in classes but one of the giant wild animals did get the memo.

A large black bear wandered onto the campus on Thursday morning and climbed high into a tree located inside the Bear Creek Apartments.

Campus officials received a call from residents and upon arriving they found a 200-pound bear sitting in the tree. Officials then placed a large mat on the ground and tranquilized the wild animal, allowing it to follow safely back to the ground.

CU police spokesman Ryan Huff told ABC News affiliate KMGH

“He was just resting up in the tree probably for a good two hours.”

Huff later added:

“He was pretty mellow. He was resting up on the branch.”

Because the bear did not attempt to attack anyone officials will take him back into the mountains for a safe release.

According to a Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesman:

“We try to move bears more than 50 miles and also try to get them across a major river or highway so that there is a barrier to them heading right back to where they came from.”

Joking about the incident CU freshman Josh Bensussen told the Daily Camera

“Now that it’s knocked out, we should be able to pet it.”

In the meantime, how perfect is it that the animal ended up in “Bear Creek” apartments? Perhaps this is one black bear that is smart enough to enroll at CU.