#ArianaRESPECTLouis Twitter Hashtag Claims Grande Instagram Post: ‘You’re Ridiculous! Back Zayn And Skirt Louis [Tomlinson]’

The hashtag #ArianaRESPECTLouis is surging on Twitter, with all sorts of confusion brewing over whether or not Ariana Grande dissed Louis Tomlinson with a comment that urged One Direction fans to ignore Louis and back Zayn Malik, who notoriously left 1D earlier in the year.

‘You’re ridiculous! Back Zayn and skirt Louis.’


— EMINIK OFFICIAL (@EminikOfficial) July 18, 2015

Ariana can’t seem to catch a break lately. First, there was Grande’s big breakup with Big Sean, and then there was Ariana’s jab about hating America and licking a donut that caused a big melee online. Now Grande is being charged with disrespecting Louis, all the while Tomlinson’s name is in the news for learning he’s about to become a father.

According to some Twitter users, Grande posted the message about “skirting” Louis on Tomlinson’s Instagram page.

However, a search via Google Images for a screenshot of Ariana’s alleged comment on the One Direction singer’s Instagram didn’t show any comments of Ariana disrespecting Louis. Tomlinson’s Instagram page could have a comment buried somewhere in the comments section, but the latest comments only reveal fans calling the story a hoax.

Meanwhile, Ariana’s Instagram page features comments from folks supporting the singer and seeking more info about the melee with Tomlinson.

If the rumors behind the hashtag #ArianaRESPECTLouis were true, a gazillion 1D fans would’ve definitely gotten a screenshot of the message that sent fans into a frenzy on Saturday morning, with screenshots of Grande’s alleged “You’re ridiculous! Back zayn and skirt Louis” message showing up all over the place. Instead, only plenty of memes and Twitter posts about confusion accompany the #ArianaRESPECTLouis top Twitter trend.

Meanwhile, the woman carrying Louis’ baby, Briana Jungwirth, has emerged for the first time since Tomlinson was announced as the dad, reports the Daily Mail. Briana has become the subject of plenty of news articles since the news about Louis having a baby with his ex made news.

As reported by the Inquisitr, Harry Styles’ death threats also sent 1D fans into a Twitter flurry recenty.

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