Unbelievably Uncanny: El Chapo Tells Police He Will Break Out Of Jail Again If Apprehended

El Chapo Guzman is no doubt the most powerful drug lord in the world. And with a net worth of about $1 billion, limitless resources at his disposal, corrupt Mexican officials on his payroll, and a solid reputation for building elaborate tunnels, the task of re-apprehending him after his recent escape from jail would be an uphill task for any government.

And keeping him in jail just another nightmare waiting to happen. This is because so far, El Chapo has managed to escape from prison each time he has been convicted.

He was first arrested in 1993, but still managed to become the most powerful drug lord in Mexico by 2003, while still in incarceration.

At the time, El Chapo’s sudden rise to power was catalyzed by the arrest of Osiel Cárdenas, who was his main rival in the business. Cárdenas belonged to the Gulf Cartel. El Chapo managed to escape in 2003 by apparently bribing the guards.

A laundry cart is said to have been used to smuggle El Chapo out of prison. Fast forward 11 years later, El Chapo was arrested early last year in an operation carried out by the Mexican authorities in conjunction with the U.S. marines.

At the time of his capture, El Chapo had a rifle but did not open fire. This was mainly because body-heat scanners were used to pinpoint all the areas in the building that were occupied, taking caution to only proceed only when everyone was asleep.

Among those found alongside El Chapo were his two twin daughters and his bodyguard. An ex Drug Enforcement Administration official who spoke to CNN.

“They used the element of surprise, and he [El Chapo] did not have a chance to react and seize his weapon.”

El Chapo’s criminal enterprise is said to have surpassed that of Pablo Escobar in reach and influence. This is according to Forbes. The following is a statement in regards to El Chapo given by an official in the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration a few years ago.

“Chapo has a vast criminal enterprise and he has become the leading drug trafficker of all time… He is the godfather of the drug world.”

After his recent escape from prison, a Twitter account connected to him has made several controversial posts. One threatened to make Donald Trump swallow his words.

This was following his negative comments about Mexicans coming to live in America, saying they bring drugs and crime into the country. The post prompted him to hire extra security.

That said, one of the latest tweets from the account seems to taunt the police, hinting that if caught, El Chapo will still escape for the third time. The following is the post, as reported by the Daily Mail.

“It could be that something that has only happened once will never be repeated. But anything that happens twice, will certainly occur a third time.”

[Image via Fabrizio León Diez / CC-BY-SA 4.0 / Own work]