Tranquilized Bear Falls Safely From Tree [Video]

The photo opportunity presented itself after a young bear, weighing between 150 and 200 pounds, wandered onto the University of Colorado at Boulder campus and proceeded to climb a tree. At which point, the local authorities were called in and managed to tranquilize the lost bear, who then plummeted from the tree onto some mats which adequately absorbed the impact of the quick descent.

Prior to being tranquilized, the young bear managed to catch roughly two hours of relaxation time in a tree within close proximity to campus dorms.

The mats used to cushion the bear’s fall were provided by the university’s Recreation Center.

CU Police Department spokesman Ryan Huff was quoted by the CU Independent having said:

“[The bear] was tranquilized by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department and it fell onto some mats that the Rec Center provided. It is now in a cage and it will be relocated at a higher elevation.”


The bear was spotted wandering around Williams Village. CU Police department spokesperson Ryan Huff indicated that CUPD received a call on Thursday morning around 8 a.m. regarding a bear wandering around the Will Vill area, CU Independent reports.

Bears wandering into populated is certainly not unheard of as Y! News reported that a family of black bears wandered onto the set of a Pennsylvania news station on Tuesday.

Bear Tranquilized Video: