Mitchelle Blair: Mom Who Killed, Froze Her Two Kids, Addresses Court At Sentencing, Still Has No Remorse

Mitchelle Blair, the Detroit mom convicted of murdering and freezing two of her children, has been sentenced. According to NBC News, the 36-year-old mom will spend the rest of her life behind bars without the possibility of parole. But, apparently, the life-altering sentence has absolutely no bearing on her state of mind because she still insists the heinous crimes she committed were justifiable.

As previously reported on Inquisitr, Blair stood before Wayne County Circuit Judge, Dana Hathaway, and offered a chilling, detailed account about the torturous abuse her children — Stoni Ann Blair, 13, and Stephen Gage Berry, 9 — suffered prior to their untimely deaths. She argued that both of the children were “demons” and also made it clear that she had no remorse for her actions.

“I don’t regret none of this… I don’t feel no remorse for the death of those demons… I have two children… That’s it. Stephen and Stoni are demons, period.”

At her sentencing, she was allowed to address the Wayne County courtroom, where she defended her actions once again. Initially, it seemed her sentencing would be a repeat of a previous court appearance where she verbally lashed out. However, Judge Hathaway made it clear that she would not allow such behavior.

The remorseless mother even went a step further by accusing everyone else of lying since she’s been brutally honest about the murders. She also condemned her children’s fathers for their absence throughout their lives. Alexander Dorsey, her daughters’ father, also gave a statement but opted not to express his sentiments publicly.

“I am the one always calling (the dads),” Blair said. “As horrendous as people think I am that’s fine. I am the only one telling the truth.”

Although Blair’s prison sentence was announced today, she still has another hearing scheduled for July 27. According to Detroit News, Blair’s final hearing before Wayne County family judge Edward Joseph will determination whether she’ll be relinquished her parental rights to her two surviving children. Prior to sentencing, she was allowed visitation with the two children, but those privileges have now been suspended.

[Image via YouTube Screen Capture]