Tilda Swinton Unrecognizable ‘Trainwreck’ Look Only Requires A Wig And A ‘Big Makeup Counter’

Whenever Tilda Swinton inhabits a new character, she is always unrecognizable. And though she’s played some bizarre characters with outlandish makeup and costumes, her oddest role yet is probably her most normal.

In the Amy Schumer, Judd Apatow film Trainwreck, Tilda plays the ” slightly fascistic… not very humane…and not very feminist” founder and editor of a sleazy men’s magazine called S’Nuff, she explained in an interview with Huffington Post.

For that role, Tilda took on a more mainstream look with long and curly hair, a spray tan, and heavy makeup. It looks so unlike Swinton that the unrecognizable style is a bit jarring, but apparently, pretty easy to achieve.

“But the truth is there are a lot of women walking around rocking Dianna’s look, and I suppose you maybe didn’t ever expect to see me in it. [laughs] But here we are, and it’s available for everybody. You just have to go to a big makeup counter in a big department store and you, too, can get that look.”

Tilda’s character, Dianna, was born from the magazine’s concept. Schumer and Apatow wondered what kind of a woman would run such a publication — one not too different than the glossy rags women read in real life — and the character, described by People as “brassy and crass,” “mushroomed really fast.”

“She’s kind of pitched herself at that because she thinks that’s like the kind of alpha female magazine editor and that was it really. That she would be dressed in Victoria Beckham because she kind of aspires to Victoria Beckham’s aesthetic and is a train wreck, let’s face it! But it’s all done very scrupulously, she’s trying to look as absolutely alpha as she can.”

But if you want to compare Tilda’s unrecognizable looks, search no further than her upcoming role in Doctor Strange, which may be her oddest role yet. Swinton will play the Ancient One in the film — a Tibetan sorcerer. Oh, and the Marvel character has traditionally been a man.

There has already been a little backlash following the casting of Benedict Cumberbatch in the lead role — Marvel fans were hoping for a non-white lead, USA Today reported. Cumberbatch will play Dr. Stephen Strange and Tilda will portray his magical mentor, GalleyCat added.

So how is the actress going to pull off yet another role in which her wispy, pale complexion will once again be unrecognizable? She has no idea yet, but she’ll figure it out.

“To be honest, there’s very little that I can tell you right now because there’s very little that I know yet. We haven’t really started working on it yet, but for sure there’s something interesting to me about being given this opportunity to play a character called the Ancient One, who, as we know in the comic books, is male. I have yet to decide exactly where I’m going to place the gender of this character. It’s not that I know and I’m not telling you — I have yet to decide that.”

[Photo Courtesy Twitter]