Stassi Schroeder Addresses 'Vanderpump Rules' Cast Drug Use Claim, Admits She's Going Through Quarter-Life Crises

Karen de Wilde

Stassi Schroeder admits that she's not quite sure if her life is on the right track and what the future holds for her. In her latest podcast radio episode, the former Vanderpump Rules star said that she's going through a quarter-life crisis so bad that it makes her skin break out. She also addressed her controversial claim made earlier that most of the cast did drugs while filming the show.

For the latest episode, which was posted on Friday, Stassi had on her friend Kristina Kelly, who appeared on a few episodes of the reality TV show with her. Stassi mentioned that a lot of people have asked her about her claim, made when she was a guest on Brandi Glanville's podcast show, that most of her former co-stars used Adderall. Stassi explained that she used the drug because it made her feel as if she was able to get a lot done while on it but also admitted that it had big drawbacks.

"I referenced Adderall a million times. Hey it was a big part of my life, why the hell not? I think I've pissed some people off because when I went on Brandi's podcast I talked about how a lot of the cast of Vanderpump Rules does Aderall. Just to like clarify, did not name names, no one would ever know who and I was one of them. So that's's the worst drug I've ever taken, I swear to God. I feel like it's worst than coke because you get so addicted to it because it's a pill and so you think it's okay. But it made me absolutely psycho and it made me depressed all the time."

Stassi Schroeder's dependence on Adderall got so bad that she had to take it even before she answered the phone or else she felt as if she wouldn't be able to have a conversation. She said that she finally quit at the insistence of her boyfriend, radio host Patrick Meagher.

Not only is Patrick responsible for getting Stassi off drugs, he's also the reason why she has a place to live. Stassi admitted that she can't get an apartment of her own because she has such bad credit. When Kristina advised Stassi that she may want to get her own place, Stassi said that she would need Patrick to co-sign for her.

"We shall see. I need to use him for his credit though. Not use him as in use him but I need his credit, to co-sign for me or something."
"Stress brings out these symptoms...I think I've been so stressed about my quarter-life crises...that's where I'm at...I've been feeling like, I'm now 27 and I don't have an apartment, I'm staying at the Venice Beach shack and I just feel like, what now? Like what the f**k am I doing? Like what's going on?"

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