Lemonade Stand Heist Nets California Thief $30

A lemonade stand heist netted Santini Tate, 18, a grand total of $30. Tate was arrested for robbing the Rancho Cucamonga, California, lemonade stand operated by Chase Anderson and Julie Jacobs, both 13, after being given a free drink because he did not have any money.

Santini Tate reportedly approached the girls running the lemonade stand and said that he wanted some lemonade, but he did not have the money to pay for it. The girls told Rancho Cucamonga police that they gave him a cup of lemonade and Tate turned to walk away — only to return moments later.

Santini Tate - lemonade stand heist suspect.

“We were just sitting down talking to each other, and he asked us for a cup of lemonade. He just ran back and kind of pushed the table towards us and took the money and just kept running,” Julie Jacobs said during an interview with CBS Local. “We got up and started screaming, ‘Come back!’ And then this lady came by and she called the police.”

A brother of one of the lemonade stand operators, Keiran Anderson, and a friend chased Santini Tate, but they were only able to retrieve an empty money box.

“We saw the dude with my sister’s box and just ran after him,” Keiran Anderson said.

Not long after the lemonade stand heist occurred, sheriff’s deputies found Tate in Riverside and arrested him on strong-arm robbery charges.

“My kid, my home, my neighborhood. I’m just wanting him to be dealt with his karma,” Jenny Paige, the mother of one of the girls, said.

Chase Anderson and Julie Jacobs were given back the $30 in lemonade stand profits, which Tate was still carrying when the handcuffs came out. San Bernardino County law enforcement investigators stated that Tate was also linked to other crimes reported in the area earlier this week.

[Image via: Shutterstock.com]