UFO Spotted Circling The Sun

Dan Evon

We are not alone. A new photo captured by NASA shows a mysterious object circling the sun. Conspiracy theorist are already calling the object proof of alien life, while scientists at NASA are a little skeptical.

Ghost Theory writes that the image "could be monumental."

Ghost Theory writes:

"NASA has released a picture of what looks eerily like a giant mothership flying near the sun. Not only is the object in question orbiting the sun, it is also withstanding temperatures that should easily toast most anything a golden brown as it disintegrates."

The photo was taken by a camera on board NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) on Tuesday and according to commentators on Youtube, probably shows an alien space craft as it harvests energy from the sun.

Nathan Rich, lead ground systems engineer at the United States Naval Research Laboratory, as a different explanation. Rich told Life's Little Mysteries:

"The streaks in question are consistent with energetic particle (proton) impacts on the CCD, something which is apparent in just about every image."
"As a cosmic ray passes through a camera's image sensor, it deposits a large amount of its electric charge in the pixels that it penetrates. If the particle passes through at a shallow angle to the plane of the camera, it affects several pixels along its path. The result is a bright streak on the image."

Here's a video of the UFO near the sun.