Mitchelle Blair, Mom Who Killed, Froze Her Two Children Receives Life Sentence, No Chance Of Parole

Mitchelle Blair, the Detroit mother who killed two of her children, and then stored their bodies in her freezer has received a life sentence without the chance for parole.

In less than four months, Mitchelle Blair, 36, was charged, convicted, and sentenced, after an eviction crew found the bodies of two children in a freezer in March. In June, Blair pleaded guilty to first-degree murder, and after showing no remorse whatsoever, insisted she’d take the death penalty, if Michigan had it.

In 2012, Mitchelle Blair murdered her 9-year-old son Stephen Berry, and in 2013, she did the same to her 13-year-old daughter, Stoni Blair. Blair claimed the two had sexually abused one of their siblings, though she admitted to not having witnessed the alleged assaults, nor did she ever file a police report. Evidence of sexual assault on the sibling was never found, said Prosecutor Carin Goldfarb.

Mitchelle was allowed to address the Wayne County courtroom during her sentencing, and once again displayed no remorse for scalding her children with hot water, beating them with sticks, and suffocating them with garbage bags. Instead, Blair spent her time blaming the fathers of her kids, and the prosecutor, and everyone but herself.

“As horrendous as everyone thinks I am, that’s fine. But I’m the only one not lying about anything.”

After Mitchelle Blair’s outburst, Judge Dana Hathaway addressed her directly, declaring Blair’s “house of horrors” closed.

“As a mother, one of your primary responsibilities was to protect your kids, and in that respect, you failed in the worst possible way. Thankfully, that house of horrors that you created is no longer in existence.

“You imposed the death penalty on your own children.”

To which Blair responded, “I did.”

While Blair blamed the fathers of her children, defense attorney Wyatt Harris chose to blame Blair’s upbringing, claiming she was abused as a child, was uneducated, and then went on to have her own children.

“I’m not making an excuse, but it didn’t allow her to cope with the situation,” he said.

Mitchelle Blair’s two surviving children — an 8-year-old son and 17-year-old daughter — are presently living with an aunt while each of their fathers go through court in an attempt to win back custody of their children. A decision on their future could come as early as later this month. As for Mitchelle Blair, she may not have received the death penalty, as she wished, but life in prison with no chance of parole is close enough.

[Image Credit: Associated Press]