Ashley Rosenbaum Talks Baby Ford: Would She Support Him In Finding Love On TV?

Ashley Rosenbaum found her husband on The Bachelorette, as she was down to Ben Flajnik and JP Rosenbaum during the dramatic finale.

Many felt that JP was the best choice for her, because he was simply so kind. He was clearly in love with her, and Ashley was trying to figure out who would be the best fit for her. That was years ago, and these days, Ashley and JP have started a family.

Ashley Rosenbaum gave birth to her first son last year and fans of the couple have been following them on social media. Their son Ford is growing up fast and it is clear that the Rosenbaums love being parents. Now, Ashley is talking about Ford possibly exploring The Bachelor to find love.

According to a new Wetpaint Entertainment report, Ashley Rosenbaum is now revealing that she would be very supportive of little Ford finding love on a reality show. Ashley admitted that there’s no doubt in her mind that she’d support him if he decided to share his journey of finding love on the show that brought his parents together. Of course, there is no promise that the show would continue that long, but it would be full circle for the Bachelor franchise.

“Of course he can!” Rosenbaum revealed after being asked, adding, “In this moment in my life, I feel the most fulfilled and the happiest that I’ve ever felt. Career, family, where we are, just day to day, I feel very happy.”

Ashley Rosenbaum recently revealed that she is the happiest that she has ever been. In fact, Rosenbaum is already thinking about having another child to give Ford a sibling. JP loves being a father and it is clear that he adores his family as he is constantly sharing content on social media. Clearly, this is the perfect success story for The Bachelor franchise.

But the journey of becoming a parent hasn’t always been easy for Rosenbaum. According to the Inquisitr, Ashley Rosenbaum has shared some frustrations on social media, including people’s lack of attention. When Ford was just a little baby, Ashley would take him out for a walk and people would smoke closely to the baby. She was not pleased about it. But at home, Rosenbaum is happier than ever.

What do you think of Ashley Rosenbaum having a second child? Would you want to see Ford on The Bachelor in about 20 years?

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