Emilia Clarke Shares ‘GOT’ Season 6 Spoilers, Admires Headey, Says ‘Cool Kid’ Dinklage ‘Makes Days Brighter’

Emilia Clarke was surprised to learn of her Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series and the 24 total 2015 Game of Thrones Emmy nods her series has received. And all during a visit to the doctor’s office on Thursday.

The actress shared her reaction to the news with the Los Angeles Times. Emilia discussed going head-to-head with actress Lena Headey, also nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. Clarke teased with some detail on her foreknowledge of GOT Season 6 scripts, working with Peter Dinklage, speaking Dothraki, and talking to herself as she worked with green-screen dragon Drogon.

British actress Clarke stated that she and Headey had “been using the telecommunications to congratulate one another for sure.”

She gushed through her compliments of Headey as an actress.

“…I remember asking her for advice from Season 1. I admire her so much. I think that the work that she does on our show is absolutely exceptional. And I think that she’s so brave. With every season, it gets more messy with her, and with her character in this brilliant way. And then last season saw her being torn down from her high place, all powerful position. And then you get to see this really guttural, visceral performance; it just broke my heart. I’m so excited, bloody happy and proud of everyone who is involved, and everyone who made it possible. Lena and I wouldn’t have the nominations if it weren’t for the 22 other nominations and for all the people who made it possible.”

This year’s 24 noms trumps even the amazing 2014 total of 19 nominations for Game of Thrones, and Peter Dinklage is already a favorite to win his category of Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series. He won the category in 2011, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Clarke dished on Dinklage.

“He’s just like the cool kid. Everyone wants to hang out with Peter. He is the popular kid at school. They’re like, ‘Oh, my God, Peter cracked a joke at me today.’ And then you get to hear from the other departments how much fun it is to film with him, and then you do film with him and you’re like, ‘It’s true! It’s so much fun.’ He’s so funny and charming and gorgeous and talented. Every now and again, you meet actors who just literally make days brighter, and Peter is exactly that person.”

It is good to know that Dinklage deserves his Big Impin’ fandom status.

Spoilers are coming.

Emilia excitedly teased that there is “so much in store” for her character Daenerys Targaryen.

“I’m saying that obviously because I’ve read the script for next season. Muwah ha ha! I know stories. It’s really exciting.”

She admitted that there have been at least a “couple” of slow-paced Game of Thrones episodes in the past, where the scene for the story had to be set and information fed to the audience, character background stories had to be revealed, etc.

Season 6, according to Clarke, will be quite different.

“But this season coming up, that we’re about to film,” generously shared Emilia Clarke, “there’s none of that. It’s just go, go, go, go. Shocking moment to shocking moment. Epic moment to epic moment. It’s mental; it’s epic. And definitely Dany’s a part of it.”

Wild ride of thrills for fans to come? Yes, please!

Referring to herself as a “weird actor” several times, Emilia admitted how difficult it has been for her to learn and speak Dothraki.

“…I found it so much easier doing Valyrian than I did learning Dothraki, which is weird because Daenerys’ mother tongue is Valyrian. So I don’t know if that’s my psycho head or not. But yeah Dothraki is not my forte. Weirdest sentence ever.”

Since it is now known that Dany will be speaking Dothraki, we can expect more of a screen switch from the gilded court of the Mother of Dragons and more Khaleesi-esque outdoor dust and horses, and Clarke likes that.

“I must admit, I like getting in the thick of it. I like getting my hands dirty in the wilderness. I think that’s probably my preferred choice.”

What does the Mother of Dragons think of her most heroic son, Drogon?

“Ooooh, he’s so good. He is … just … he gives, and he gives.” she joked. ” Yeah, there’s moments where you think, ‘I’m going mad. I’m being filmed talking to myself (basically) or talking to a big green polystyrene at the end of a wooden pole. What the hell?’ Those days when you’re like, ‘Ummm … just me.’ We’ve got a day of it. Me and the crew get on really well because it’s just me guys. If it goes wrong, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be my fault. It’s either the green sock or me, it’s probably going to be me. Thank goodness [Drogon] speaks the common tongue, that’s all I’m saying. Because if I had to speak to him in Valyrian all the time, that would just be a bit too much.”

During a chat yesterday with Variety, Emilia Clarke added, “I’m like a kid having a sugar high — I can’t handle how sick these scripts are. We actually got the next load in as well and they’re really good.”

She also commented, “I feel insanely lucky and privileged, and I want so much for David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss] to get the writing win.”

The brunette actress has been known to tease in interviews about her foreknowledge of the series. As recently reported by the Inquisitr, Emilia Clarke heightened the Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) controversy, giving the mortally-wounded star a “50/50 chance” of Season 6 survival.

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