‘Futurama’ Mobile Game Announcement Leaves Fans Underwhelmed

Futurama mobile game: not quite the announcement that Futurama fans were hoping for. The new Futurama mobile game, Release the Drones, was first announced way back in 2013, but details were scarce. The Futurama mobile game website allows interested parties to sign up to get more news about the upcoming mobile game, but the site doesn’t provide any other information.


There have been mixed reactions to the announcement of the newest Futurama mobile game. The most common reactions from the fans have been full of anger.

“Shut up and resurrect the series…Who wants another crappy pay to win mobile game?”

“I have seen every episode of Futurama. I do not wish to have a game. I want, no, WE want a new season.”

Many fans seem to want the series, cancelled in 2013, to be brought back instead of having a new Futurama mobile game, with most fans completely against the idea. According to SegmentNext, one motivation for the game may be that the creators of Futurama are hoping to enjoy the same sort of success as The Simpsons game Tapped Out, which has generated revenue of over $100 million to date. Although Futurama has not been around for as long as The Simpsons (currently in its 26th season), the fan base for Futurama has grown exponentially since it began.

This won’t be the first time that Futurama is attempting to break into the mobile game market, according to IB Times.

“Simply titled “Futurama,” it was a 3D platformer with cel-shaded graphics and was available on the original Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation 2.”

At the moment, fans have no idea what the Futurama mobile game is really about. The picture released shows Bender pointing to the sky, but it is unclear what the gesture represents in relation to the game.

Futurama fans have been active on Twitter, with the general consensus being that fans are not excited by the news. Some fans believe that the game will be a rip-off of The Simpsons game with the Futurama characters while other fans are concerned that they will be charged to play the game.



The creators of Futurama have not announced an exact release date for the Futurama mobile game, so fans and doubters alike can only join the mailing list on the website, and then they must sit and wait for the game to be released.

[Photo: Futurama Facebook – facebook.com/Futurama]