Cara Delevingne: Bisexuality ‘Not A Phase’ Despite ‘Vogue’ interview, Says Model & ‘Paper Towns’ Star [Video]

Cara Delevingne says her bisexuality is permanent. Famous as a model as well as an actress, Cara denied a Vogue report that described Delevingne’s bisexuality as a phase. Moreover, the model emphasized that she has accepted she is bisexual, reported Us Weekly.

“My sexuality is not a phase. I am who I am,” said Cara.

Delevingne’s bisexuality was termed a phase by writer Rob Haskell, who wrote about the 22-year-old supermodel.

“Her parents seem to think girls are just a phase for Cara,” he claimed. “And they may be correct.”

However, Delevingne discussed her feelings about bisexuality as part of her Vogue interview.

“I think that being in love with my girlfriend is a big part of why I’m feeling so happy with who I am these days,” explained Cara. “It took me a long time to accept the idea, until I first fell in love with a girl at 20 and recognized that I had to accept it.”

Moreover, added Delevingne, her relationships help her cope with the stressful life of a model attempting to make it in the even more competitive world of acting, reported the New York Times.

Cara is set to star in Paper Towns, based on a John Green novel, author of the multi-million dollar box office blazer The Fault in Our Stars.

Aware that promoting her new movie means resigning herself to having her romances in the public eye, Delevingne revealed that she is dating St. Vincent, the stage name of musician Annie Clark.

As for the Vogue cover story that she’s disputing about her bisexuality, emphasizing that it is not a phase, it’s now garnered an online petition.

All of this, said Cara, constitutes a distraction, and she uses love to survive.

“Being in love helps, you know? If you’re in love with someone, you can be with them like no one else is in the room. Acting is like that. It’s like taking that feeling and turning it on so nothing else matters when you’re looking in another actor’s face.”

As for her future, Delevingne uses former model Charlize Theron as her own role model.

“People can put you in whatever box: model, whatever,” asserted the 22-year-old. “But if I just keep going and actually do it well, which I hope I can, then I hope people will give me more movies — and I’ll win an Oscar!”

As the Inquisitr reported, Miley Cyrus, currently dating supermodel Stella Maxwell, also has discussed her sexuality.

“There are times in my life where I’ve had boyfriends or girlfriends. And there are times where I just love being with myself and don’t want to give part of myself away to someone else… I think that’s a new freedom for women, especially,” declared the always candid Miley.

[Photo by Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty Images]