Hillary Clinton Is Not So Hot Right Now, Falling Poll Numbers Spell Trouble For The Presidential Candidate

A recent survey done by the Associated Press-GFK revealed that Hillary Clinton’s ranking is dwindling among the supporters of the Democratic Party.

The census, which was released last Thursday, showed a staggering rise of eight points in Clinton’s “unfavorable rating.”

Around 39 percent of US citizens think of Clinton in a positive light, compared to 49 percent who view her negatively.

Also, only 37 percent of the people responding in the survey see the former US Secretary as inspirational, down from was 44 percent in the last poll.

The AP-GFK survey also showed that Clinton’s rank had seen an 11-point drop since the last poll done in April, as only seven of every 10 Democrat supporters gave positive marks for the former Senator.

The survey also gave cautionary measures for the former US First Lady about the negative issues about her.

According to the census, US citizens felt that Clinton has become “less decisive and inspiring” than what she used to be when she began her campaign for presidency three months ago.

The former New York senator has been considered as strong-minded in the past, but the latest survey revealed that people now think otherwise as Clinton dropped from 56 percent to 47.

Most citizens also doubted Clinton’s concern for the average Joe, and a certain Donald Walters from Kentucky even commented that he doesn’t trust the former US Secretary and he has been dissatisfied with how she has “handled things.”

Another Democratic supporter, Stephanie Bergholdo from California, felt that Clinton lacks sincerity.

According to Bergholdo, Clinton was merely riding on the issues that other candidates talk about, and Bergholdo felt that the candidate appeared to be somewhat rigid.

Though Bergholdo sensed more authenticity in Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s opinions, she would still probably vote for the former New York senator if the party chose her as the official candidate for presidency.

Nevertheless, other surveys have revealed different results.

A poll by the Washington Post-ABC showed a small increase in Clinton’s favorability.

A survey by Suffolk University-USA Today confirmed a slight decrease in her ranking.

Meanwhile, as Clinton’s approval ranking dropped, President Obama has remained firm at 46 percent since the last poll in April.

Around eight in every 10 Democrat supporters see the president in a positive light.

And though a huge number of individuals have shown support for Sen. Sanders’ campaign, the recent Washington Post-ABC survey revealed a “27 percent favorable rating,” but with low unfavorable marks at 28 percent.

[Image by Win McNamee, Getty Images]