15 Fun Facts You May Not Have Known About Disneyland For Its 60th Anniversary

Disneyland has already started celebrating its 60th anniversary, but July 17 will mark the official day that it all began back in 1955. Walt Disney sure knew what he was doing when he put the Disneyland Resort together, and the Diamond Celebration is going to bring in people from around the world. Before you go, check out 15 fun facts you may not have known about the California theme park.

disneyland 60th anniversary

1. Opening day had way fewer attractions than today: As of 2015, Disneyland boasts over 50 attractions, but back in 1955, there were only 18 on opening day.

2. Tickets used to be a lot less expensive: In 1955, the admission for an adult ticket to Disneyland cost just $1. This was also when a movie ticket was around 50 cents and the average annual salary in America was around $3,300. Disney ticket increases for 2015 occurred during the first part of the year.

disneyland ticket 60th anniversary fun facts

3. Disneyland once had an intimate apparel shop: Back in 1955, there was actually an intimate apparel shop on Main Street which was run by the "Wizard of Bras." It didn't last too long.

4. Churros sell like hotcakes: Every single year, an estimated 2.8 million churros are sold at Disneyland. Keep an eye out for hungry birds, though, or you'll end up having to buy another one after they snatch it from your hand.

5. Space Mountain cost more than Disneyland to build: In 1955, Disneyland cost $17 million to create. When Space Mountain was built back in 1977, it ended up costing $20 million.

6. Mickey Mouse ear hats sell a lot: Actually, they are the most popular souvenir in all of Disneyland Resort.

7. Expect the unexpected in Disneyland: There are certain places in Disneyland that keep imagination going, so never forget to stop and explore. Stand on the manhole cover in front of the Five & Dime in Toontown and listen to some voices from the sewer.

disneyland toon town 60th anniversary

When in line for the Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye, signs will tell you not to do things like touch the bamboo or pull the rope. Don't pay them any attention and do what they tell you not to do.

8. Walt Disney loved his park for himself as much as everyone else - As seen in Saving Mr. Banks, Walt Disney really did love enjoying Disneyland. On many days, he would go into the park and stand in line with guests to enjoy the attractions.

9. The teacups go different speeds: The orange teacup with the diamond on it goes the fastest at the Mad Tea Party. The purple teacup also goes very fast, but the pink teacup with the heart on it is said to go the slowest.

10. Tomorrowland has edible plants: Sure, we all know that plants are edible all around the world, but every single plant in Tomorrowland is edible. Walt Disney wanted Disneyland to act as a food farm, so he did just that.

11. The Haunted Mansion has a pet cemetery: In Walt Disney World, the pet cemetery at the Haunted Mansion is a bit more obvious. In Disneyland, it sits behind the attraction and is actually much bigger.

12. Disneyland is incredibly popular on Instagram: In 2014, Instagram officially named Disneyland as the most geotagged location in the entire world.

13. The Matterhorn has a basketball court in it: This is one of those "urban legends" that has been passed around for decades, but it is true. Most Disney attractions have break and rest areas for Cast Members, and the one in the Matterhorn is at the top.

disneyland matterhorn

Long ago, a Cast Member brought up a basketball hoop and backboard to pass the time when they were on break or the ride was closed due to inclement weather.

14. Many celebrities have worked at Disneyland: Many celebrities have worked at different places in the past, but Disneyland has had some A-listers in costume. The list includes Steve Martin, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kevin Richardson, Kevin Costner, Taye Diggs, Wayne Brady, and Teri Garr.

15. A time capsule was buried in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle: Buried in 1995 during Disneyland's 40th anniversary, it is set to be uprooted and opened on July 17, 2035. That will mark the 80th anniversary of the Disneyland Resort.

The 60th anniversary of Disneyland is one that is going to be celebrated in huge and diamond-tastic fashion. There is so much to know about the park and some isn't even known yet, but these fun facts are some you may not have known and can check out on your next trip.

[Image via Disney/Flickr - lorenjavier/Flickr - kevinandchris]