July 16, 2015
'Rookie Blue' Spoilers: Nick's Past And Possible New Romance And Renewal Chances

Rookie Blue may be one of those shows that airs first elsewhere (Canada, in this case) before coming to the United States, but as a show in its sixth season (or the second half of its fifth season, depending on how you're counting the episodes), it has firmly established itself as a show you do not want to miss this summer – and one you want to do your hardest to avoid spoilers about, though, as stated above, having it air elsewhere first makes that a bit difficult.

So far, Nick has seemed like as close to a perfect guy as you can get on Rookie Blue, but with the latest episode, that may change a bit, as actor Peter Mooney told TVLine, "no one's perfect" and "the reality is everyone has their flaws."

"Nick's flaws – what's that line? – come not in single whatevers, but in droves. This is the episode where you get to see not a little flaw, but a big flaw. You get to see him really, really pushed to the brink. It's not that there's some big, hidden darkness inside of him, but you see when challenged, when faced with really, really tough decisions, he's not Superman. They're really tough decisions for him to make, trying to weigh being a professional and being a police officer and being human."
This Rookie Blue episode sees Nick's brother come back into his life, and according to Mooney, he handles that "as well as he possibly could."

While there have been tidbits here and there about Nick's past, Mooney told Entertainment Weekly that "this is where it all comes rushing out," so if you've been hoping to learn more about Nick, this is definitely the episode you do not want to miss.

Meanwhile, Nick has not had the best luck when it comes to his love life, and it seems that trend is continuing. Andy told Juliet, in the last episode when she was telling her that he's a good guy, that their relationship did not work out because of her history with Sam, but it seems that once again, a romance for Nick and a fellow officer could hit a dead end because of something in her life. It may not be another relationship, but Juliet does have her secrets, as has been teased since the premiere. Mooney told EW that his character is going to start to question what's going on with Juliet and her being at 15 Division.

"He doesn't get all the insights the audience gets, so I give him a bit of a break. But he's missing some big clues."
As for the possibility of a Rookie Blue Season 7, Mooney told TVLine that they're "very, very close to finding out," so that's something fans are going to want to keep an ear open for right now.

ABC has released a sneak peek from this Rookie Blue episode, showing Nick on the rooftop with the man he believes is responsible for the car accident that killed his parents 18 years ago. However, the man tells him something that may change his perspective on the accident.

Rookie Blue Season 6 airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

[Image via ABC]