Alexis Frulling: Woman From Infamous Calgary Stampede Video Says She Is 'Not Ashamed'

Alexis Frulling was caught in what became an embarrassing and viral moment at the Calgary Stampede a few weeks ago, but she has decided to flip the incident around and turn the bullying into her own 15 minutes of fame.

The woman was caught in a very compromising position with two men, with the video showing the three hooking up in an alleyway. Video of the incident, dubbed "Trampede (the original)," was uploaded to the internet and shared on Reddit, where it went viral.

Frulling was identified as the woman in the video, but instead of shrinking away in shame, she decided to take control of the situation. She established a big presence on social media and started her own Facebook fan page along with a Twitter account. After building her social media identity, she also responded with a YouTube video addressing the controversy.

"I can't say I'm proud about it," she says in the video, referring to the tryst, "but I'm not ashamed."

Her story has now crossed over into the mainstream with a feature article in Vice and coverage from around the globe.

As Alexis Frulling said in an interview with Vice, she and two friends decided on the tryst while they were en route to a Wiz Khalifa concert. Frulling said she was wary at first, but she decided to "just do what [she] want[s]."

Frulling also explained that she decided to go public in an effort to cut cyberbullies off at the start.

"I thought, 'This is f***ing stupid. I'm not going to have all of these people hating on me.' So I was like, 'You know what, it was me.' So many people have done this before and just didn't get caught. This isn't fair. I don't see why I should get bashed for it when the guys don't get bashed for it."
To many of her fans and critics, Frulling's response to the video is reminiscent of Belle Knox, the Duke University student who was outed as an adult film star. Another student recognized Knox and outed her identity (her real name is Miriam Weeks), but she instead responded by stepping into the spotlight, owning her career choice, and saying she is not ashamed.

That turned Knox into a celebrity of sorts, and recently, she was even the subject of a documentary.

Alexis Frulling had a similar message after her infamous video from the Calgary Stampede went viral. In her YouTube message, the young woman told her critics, "all the haters, keep hating."

[Image via YouTube]