Braless Playboy Model Denied Private Audience With Pope Francis [Videos]

Playboy model Victoria Xipolitakis was denied a private audience with Pope Francis in Asuncion, Paraguay, and was led away by security guards, due to her lack of a bra.

The glamour model traveled to Asuncion in Paraguay from Argentina in the hopes that she could have a private audience with the Pope. It was hoped he could forgive the playboy model's sins.

Pope Francis had been in South America for eight days and it was on the last day of his tour that the Playboy model took a chance on trying to meet him. However, it seems she should have dressed a little more appropriately to have any hope of said private audience.

Xipolitakis drew cries of outrage from the surrounding people after she turned up to meet the Pope in dungarees with a tight, flimsy T-shirt and obviously wearing no bra.

The outfit clearly revealed her large breasts to the world as she stood in the front row of the crowds waiting to meet Pope Francis. Others in the audience were clearly disgusted and, according to the Mirror Online, there were cries to the Playboy model from the surrounding audience of, "Out! That's it! Come on!"

In the video below, 29-year-old Xipolitakis can be seen being led away from the scene in Asuncion by security guards, all the while clutching a small child to her chest. According to 9News she never did get her private audience with Pope Francis.

The Playboy model is not new to controversy as last month she caused two Argentinian Austral Airlines pilots to lose their jobs.

No doubt hypnotized by her alluring shape, the pilots were persuaded to take selfies in the cockpit of the plane with her and even to let her take control of the plane as can be seen in the following video: After the pilots lost their jobs, Xipolitakis apologized from the bottom of her heart saying, "That was insane."
"I didn't realise what I was doing and my life also was being put in danger."
"I'm not a bad person, I try to be good to people."
It also seems this isn't the first time the Playboy model has mentioned the Pope on the social media as she tweeted "My babies call for Pope!" back in January 2014The visit of Pope Francis to South America has brought up some interesting stories and as reported on the Inquisitr, a musician in Ecuador managed to capture his own mugging on his GoPro camera during an open air mass in Quito.

[Photo by Matthias Hangst / Getty Images Sport]