Toddler Missing: Idaho 2-Year-Old, DeOrr Kunz, Jr., Believed To Have Been Abducted

A toddler missing in Idaho is believed to have been abducted. Two-year-old DeOrr Kunz, Jr., from Idaho Falls, disappeared while he was camping with his family at the Timber Creek Reservoir last week. His parents — Jessica Mitchell and DeOrr Kunz, Sr. — think he was kidnapped.

News 10 reports that the parents also believe that their son is still safe. Mitchell is pleading to whomever has her son to please not hurt him and to bring him home safely.

Kunz, Sr. says that the missing toddler was last seen with his grandfather around 2:30 p.m. Friday afternoon. Family members spent about 20 minutes frantically looking for the boy before they called 911, prompting search and rescue crews to come in.

Over 100 people have thoroughly searched the woods for the toddler missing in Idaho. Some did grid searches on foot while others were on horseback and rode ATVs. Divers scoured a small creek not far from where the family’s campsite was located. Kunz, Sr. said he was assured that “there is 100 percent no chance that he is in that water, around that water.”

Kunz, Sr. doesn’t think his son is on the mountain anymore and is with someone. He says “[i]t’s a bad thing that he would be not with us right now, but it also means there’s a good chance that he is alive and with somebody.” The hopeful father is being optimistic that his son will be found, and says the search isn’t over. He says everyone will continue to look until DeOrr Kunz, Jr. is found.

“We will find you and we love you more than anything in the world,” Kunz, Jr. said.

The boy’s parents don’t know anyone who would want to take their child, according to East Idaho News.

Jessica Mitchell says many are helping to find the toddler missing in Idaho by spreading word on social media and getting his photos out there.

“He could be very, very close. He could be very far away. We don’t know but we are covering all bases at this point,” Mitchell tells the news source.

Still, the child’s father feels bad that because someone turned their back for one minute, a child had to go missing.

“There’s not much to be said other than one small mistake as a parent – leaving him with an adult that turns his head for a minute. Please cherish and love each other because it could be changed in just a split second.”

[Photo Credit: Kunz Family via NBC News]