Woman Jailed Over FB Post, Detained In Abu Dhabi, No Help From Australian Embassy

Australian-born Jodi Magi has been living in Abu Dhabi, working as a teacher, since 2012. Recently, she was jailed over an FB post for “writing bad words on social media about a person.”

The tale began one day as Jodi was gazing out the window of her apartment and happened to see a car parked across two handicapped spots. The car was not identified as that of a disabled person in any way. Overcome with righteous indignation, she took to FB to post a photo of the insensitive act. She blacked out the license plate number and did not identify the specific car at all. However, to her great shock, Magi has been jailed over the FB post, reports Yahoo News.

“I have zero idea [what I have done wrong].”

Fined $3,600 and told she would be deported over the FB post, Magi tried to take matters into her own hands. Attempting to pay the fine and then leave the country of her own volition, she was told that, although she was being deported, she was not allowed to exit Abu Dhabi until she appeared in court.

Astoundingly, when she entered court to pay the fine, she was jailed over the FB post. Details get even more confusing following her detainment.

“No one’s talking to me. No one’s telling me what’s going on. And they were about to put me in male lock up and then they turned me away — no one knows what to do with me. I’m pretty scared.”

According to the New Daily, Jodi spoke to ABC News and shared her confusion about the reason she was jailed over a simple FB post.

Turning to the Australian Embassy for help, Magi received little to no assistance from that route, saying that they suggested she retain a lawyer.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade released a statement in their own defense.

“The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade continues to provide consular assistance to an Australian woman detained in Abu Dhabi and that for privacy reasons they cannot provide any more information.”

It seems there are several different sides to this story, and none of them correspond. Jodi is still unsure why she was turned in over the FB post in the first place, let alone jailed. Thankfully, she was released and flown out of the country late last evening.

“After 53 hours in custody, having been shackled at the ankles, strip-searched, blood tested, forced to sleep on a concrete floor without a mattress or pillow and having no access to toilet paper or eating utensils, I can happily say I AM SAFE & OUT OF JAIL AND ABU DHABI!”

What do you think about Jodi Magi being jailed over the FB post?

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