Best Buy: Oops! $200 Gift Cards Sold For $15 Tuesday Night

Very early Wednesday morning, just a little after midnight, members of the Reddit community began sharing the tidbit that Best Buy designer gift cards, valued at $200, were selling for $15. Gizmodo picked up on the news and shared.

The news hit as more purchasers shared their good news, and the greatest Best Buy card shopping spree to rival both Amazon and Walmart spread like wildfire on Twitter, and all coincidentally on the eve of Amazon’s big Prime Day (see info on Prime Day sales via the Inquisitrhere).

Reddit users began reporting personal online shopping sprees, many purchasing upwards of five to 20 of the gift cards.

Gizmodo offered this warning to even the “best buyers” of these gift cards.

“As listed in the terms and conditions of the site,” per Gizmodo, “Best Buy can still cancel your order thanks to a pricing mistake, which this almost certainly is. But still, at $15 (and with a almost-guaranteed refund), what’s to lose?”

However, the chance to score hoards of Best Buy loot for less than one-thirteenth the price was more than worth the gamble to quite a lot of eager shoppers.

Many Reddit and Twitter users posted their spending glory stories.

“Well, even though I am unable to check the status of the order on, and I have not received a confirmation email,” shared one Reddit user, “I can confirm that the $15 were debited off from my credit card, so the payment was successful! Wonder whether they will honor it though.”

After a few hours, the Best Buy link became more and more difficult for users to access, reportedly undergoing several changes before it finally resulted in the following “We’re Sorry” message.

Best Buy "We're Sorry" Message
Best Buy users were linked to this message when they attempted to purchase $200 gift cards for $15.

Twitter erupted in confusion, some worried that their accounts would be charged full price, some hoping their orders were not canceled.

Time was quick on the draw at the crack of dawn Wednesday morning to report that Best Buy corrected their error and the glitch was “now fixed,” but too late for untold thousands of purchasers of one or multiple deeply discount gift cards.

It is still unclear how Best Buy will respond to the reported glitch, either by (a) honoring thousands of users with the deal of a lifetime, (b) refunding everyone’s money, or (c), and least likely, charging the full $200 for gift cards hopeful shoppers who believed they had only paid $15 plus tax for.

[Images by Justin Sullivan / Getty Images and screen capture]