Bernie Sanders And Other Democratic Presidential Hopefuls Criticize Donald Trump

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders expressed his disapproval of Republican presidential runner Donald Trump’s comments against Mexicans in a video interview shown in Wall Street Journal on Monday, July 13.

Sen. Sanders was present at the yearly convention of the National Council of La Raza at Kansas City to find support among Hispanic voters, and he articulated his indignation over Trump’s racist remarks.

The National Council of La Raza is the biggest Latino advocacy group in the U.S., and the annual convention was attended by about 400 Hispanics.

Sanders explained that the immigrants who came without legal papers are the ones who do the tough jobs such as reaping farm produce and taking care of kids.

The Vermont senator then justified the need for the DREAM Act, which aims for “a responsible path to citizenship” for the illegal immigrants.

Moreover, Sen. Sanders stated that the citizens of the United States should find pride in the fact that the country has shown progress in overcoming racism.

After all, the country has already elected the first ever African-American president, Sen. Sanders added.

Thus, it is improper for a person running for the highest office in the country to throw insults at a group of people and judge them because of where they came from, the Democrat presidential runner further argued.

In 2013, the senator from Vermont supported a bipartisan bill for immigration reform.

However, Sanders was also against some reform changes and he agreed with labor unions, who have stated that non-citizens “drive down pay for low-income American workers.”

Meanwhile, other Democrat presidential runners have ridden the bandwagon against Trump and made the real estate magnate appear as the “symbol” of all the Republicans running for presidency.

Aside from Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley were present at the annual conference, and mentioned Trump in their talks.

In his presidential kickoff speech, Trump has remarked that the Mexicans coming to the U.S. without proper documents were “murders” and “rapists.”

Clinton said that Trump’s comments were a disgrace.

She also criticized Trump’s refusal to apologize after offending the Mexicans, who instead “doubled down,” Clinton further added.

Though many members of the GOP have attempted to back away from Trump, Clinton was dissatisfied.

For Clinton, the Republicans were slow in their actions and they have unexpectedly turned mute about the issue when they are usually very vocal.

On the other hand, Maryland Gov. O’Malley described Trump as a loathsome presidential candidate.

Similar to Sanders, O’Malley also talked about improvements on immigration matters to acquire support.

[Image credit: WSJ]