Lil Wayne Finally Gives Some Love To Young Thug: 'I'd Have To Be A Monster To Overlook He's A Fan'

The feud between Lil Wayne and Young Thug appears to be over for now, at least if you believe his latest statements regarding the younger rapper with whom he has shared past harsh words, according to the Urban Daily. While much of the conflict has been regarding Thug's thwarted attempts to emulate the infamously crude Lil Wayne, it appears Lil Wayne may be softening his view -- maybe he finally views imitation as flattery?

The discussion came about when Wayne called into a New Orleans radio station Q93 and spoke with the show's host Wild Wayne, and they began to discuss the release of Young Thug's latest album, Barter 6. Although some intimidating Instagram photos between the two rappers were exchanged over the spring, it now appears Lil Wayne is taking a different stance.

"I'd have to be a monster to overlook that he's really a fan. "I'm not that type of person. I'd have to be a monster to say 'I don't believe you.' If he says it's from the heart and he's some kind of fan, then I love him. Thanks bro. I appreciate everything about it, if he's a fan."
It's quite an amazing change in outlook, as previously, Lil Wayne did not care for Thug's attempt to imitate him and borrow album titles that closely resembled his own. However, Wild Wayne put rapper Lil Wayne to the test when he brought up the fact that Lil Wayne borrowed an album title from his ex-group member Juvenile, who had named an album "400 Degreez" in 1998. Lil Wayne named his album "500 Degreez" years later, presumably to upset founder Birdman.

Still, he says what he's been going through with Young Thug is a different and more complex scenario. He says he has no problem with mad love for anyone, adding that he has always been crazy about the legendary Jay-Z.

"[When Thug] came out and said 'I'm naming my album such-and-such because of props, and I'm such a fan,' that's a total different approach. Everybody that knows Lil Wayne, knows I'm the biggest Jay Z fan. Just getting personal texts and not just little texts about 'Yeah, there was a song I heard. I saw what you said that's cool. Thanks.' Getting real texts from Jay Z. That right there is a highlight everyday. I can't even front."
Perhaps maturity and the fact that he has been able to compare his love of Jay-Z has allowed Lil Wayne to reconcile Young Thug's imitation of him. It will be interesting to see if a mentoring relationship develops.

[photo by MTV]