Kate Steinle’s Brother To Megyn Kelly: San Francisco ‘Rolled Out The Red Carpet For A Convicted Felon’ [Video]

In an emotional interview, Brad Steinle, Kathryn Steinle’s heartbroken brother, spoke with Megyn Kelly on FNC’s The Kelly File about the fatal shooting of his sister by a five-time-deported illegal alien felon in San Francisco, a sanctuary city that is generally non-compliant with federal immigration law.

Kate Steinle, 32, was gunned down on the San Francisco Pier 14 Embarcadero waterfront, a popular tourist destination, as she was walking with her father on July 1 in an apparent random attack.

In April, the San Francisco County Sheriff’s Department released the suspect in the Steinle shooting from jail instead of turning him over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents for likely deportation number six.

Following the Steinle murder, San Francisco mayor Ed Lee claimed that “it was never contemplated that our sanctuary city would give protection to serious repeat felony offenders.”

At the top of last night’s broadcast (see clip below), Megyn Kelly once again assailed the White House for failing to publicly address the Kate Steinle murder or contact her family directly. In contrast to the current silence, President Obama personally spoke out about the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Freddie Gray, and launched federal investigations into those controversies, Kelly contended.

On this same topic last week, she declared that “[Obama] picks and chooses the victims he wants to highlight, and apparently, this victim wasn’t deemed worthy.”

In his dialogue with Megyn Kelly, Brad Steinle, a father-to-be, voiced strong support for immigrants striving for the American Dream, but added that the San Francisco’s sanctuary city policy “rolled out the red carpet for a convicted felon, a dangerous person, and said ‘come into my city, we’ll extend our arms, and come stay here; this is a place where you can do no wrong…’ “

Acknowledging that his family is apolitical, he suggested that they, nonetheless, favor some version of “Kate’s Law,” a legislative proposal initiated by Kelly’s FNC colleague, Bill O’Reilly, to impose a mandatory jail sentence on any deported illegal immigrant who sneaks back into the country. People in the political middle should push for change, he explained, “to keep people safe and keep murderers off the street,” he said. O’Reilly separately interviewed the Steinle parents on his show last night.

Alluding to the fact that the San Francisco County Sheriff has continued to insist that his agency did nothing wrong in releasing the suspect before ICE agents could pick him up, Brad Steinle added that “I’d like him to look me in the eye and tell me that that there’s no blame to be put on this policy; it’s ridiculous … the system failed my sister in so many ways.”

In a separate segment later in the broadcast, Megyn Kelly wondered if aggrieved persons who refrain from rioting wind up disregarded by the Obama White House. “It’s as if, if you take a civilized route, if you take the respectful, quiet, sad but objectioning [sic] route, you get ignored,” she claimed.

In testimony on Capitol Hill today, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson revealed that he never heard of Kate Steinle, Townhall reported.

Some 200-plus municipalities in the U.S. with sanctuary city ordinances on the books reportedly released approximately 9,000 illegal alien criminals last year.

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