Jennifer Hudson Flees Court Room Before Spine-Chilling Family Murder Photos Shown

For Jennifer Hudson, the Academy Award winning actress and Grammy award winning singer, the healing process is far from over.

Hudson sat in the Chicago courtroom where the man accused of killing three of her family members sat, and she could do nothing but close her eyes tight and wish that she was somewhere else.

As prosecutors began to unveil numerous pictures of the graphic scene that was left by the suspect which included Jennifer Hudson’s mother, laying life-less on the floor, as well as her brother with a gun-shot wound to the head only a couple of doors down the hall, Hudson decided that her best thing for herself would be to quickly get to her feet and flee the court room.

As a courtesy to family members involved in murder trials, prosecutors usually inform the court when traumatic evidence is about to be displayed.


Jennifer Hudson’s former brother in-law William Balfour is accused of the slaying of her three family members on October 24th, 2008. The emotionless man only sat there with a blank stare, no reaction to be seen, as the fateful night in Chicago re-appeared before him.

The most difficult part in this case according to prosecutors, will be trying to prove that the murder weapon used that night, a silver and black .45 caliber handgun was indeed the weapon used by Balfour. There were no witnesses to the actual crime, and as of now one of the only thing tying Balfour to the area is a surveillance tape of Balfour getting gas near the Hudson’s home on Chicago’s South Side.

Do you think Jennifer Hudson’s reaction to the photos is similar to what yours would be if in the same situation?