Detroit Judge Accused of Sexting Court Bailiff

Robert Jonathan

When challenged by a local television news reporter about a shirtless photo sent to a court employee, Detroit judge Wade McCree said "Hot dog...I've got no shame in my game."

Apparently this isn't the first time that he sent photos of himself to women.

That New York Democrat Anthony Weiner resigned in disgrace from the U.S. House of Representatives as a result of cell phone self-portraits should have "sent a message" to all government officials that sexting seldom ends well.

It just so happens, according to The Daily Caller, that the state court judge "specializes in sex misconduct cases."

The husband of the employee filed a complaint against the judge with the Michigan Judicial Tenure Committee about the photo that he found on his wife's cell phone. If the charge is found to have merit, the judge could wind up losing his job. The Detroit Free Press notes that "Complaints with the state’s judicial watchdogs are confidential by law unless an investigation finds enough evidence to support a formal public charge of misconduct. "

In the news video (below), the judge admits the cell phone photo is him but seems to dispute whether he was the one who sent it to the court bailiff. And since her husband, rather than the bailiff herself, is reportedly lodging the complaint, the judge claims this constitutes "hearsay" as a matter of law.

McCree has been a judge since 1996 and a circuit judge since 2004.

Here's the report from the Detroit Fox affiliate:

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Do you agree with the legal analyst that while the judge is physically fit, he's not fit to be a judge?