Steven Universe Creator Teases Gem News and Talks Origin, Steven Bomb Week 3 Now Airing

Steven Universe is a fairly new Cartoon Network cartoon, but the show is steadily acquiring fandom and a following since the first Steven Universe episode debuted in March. Steven Universe went to the San Diego Comic-Con this year to further promote the cartoon and to answer the huge list of questions from the starting Steven Universe fans, iDigitalTimes reports.

One of the most interesting moments at the Steven Universe panel at the San Diego Comic-Con last week was when creator Rebecca Sugar talked about the origins of the Steven Universe. She recalls fondly about her childhood memories with her brother Steven, on whom she patterned Steven Universe protagonist Steven, and how he influenced her to create the series.

“[Steven Universe] is based on my younger brother Steven…and a lot of it was based on when we were growing up and how sci-fi fantasy, nerdiness perversed in our friendship as siblings. So I wanted to make a show that was like the feelings of just hanging out with him growing up.”

As much as Steven Universe has become very personal for creator Sugar, the voice behind Steven, Zach Callison, also shares how much Steven Universe means to him. He is now gearing up to start recording for the upcoming season of Steven Universe.

“It’s really weird for me, because I’ve grown up with it. I was 14 when we did the pilot and now I’m 17. He’s grown up a lot, too. His voice got deeper, his personality is stronger. His powers have grown too; he’s stronger and can do more. I’ve really appreciated being able to grow with him.”

Sugar also teases a bit of information about the upcoming season of Steven Universe since it was already renewed for Steven Bomb 4.

“I really like the spot we’re at where Steven has sort of become an equal in the team. I think he’s going to learn a lot more about what it means for the Gems. He only knows what Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst mean in the context of his life, but he doesn’t really know what they mean in the context of what they meant in the context of Gem society. That’s something he’s going to learn a little more. He’s hitting the point where he’s realizing how to forge his own identity between what he wants and what the Gems want.”

Also, when asked about the possibility of the Gem homeworld appearing in Steven Universe season 4, Sugar answers with a maybe.

One thing that’s fascinating about Steven Universe, apart from its rich story and brilliant execution, is the pacing used to release the Steven Universe episodes. This technique is fondly called the Steven Bomb since the Steven Universe episodes drop like a bomb randomly, releasing five consecutive new episodes in a span of a week, and then, vanishing again. As of this date, we are at the third Steven Bomb entitled Week of Sardonyx, with five Steven Universe episodes airing from July 13 to 17.

Tomorrow’s episode of Steven Universe is Historical Fiction, where Steven and Jamie put on a play unearthing the origins of the Beach City.

[Image via A.V. Club]