‘Deadpool’ And ‘Spider-Man’ Crossover Comics Confirmed At San Diego Comic-Con

Deadpool and Spider-Man have yet to team up in any world ever — but the times have changed and Marvel is finally bringing the lovable Spider-Man and the loved-and-hated Deadpool into one comic.

Announced at the Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends panel at the San Diego Comic-Con Sunday, Comic Book Resources report that the Spider-Man / Deadpool crossover comics will be made possible by the reuniting of two comics geniuses, writer Joe Kelly and artist Ed McGuinness.

The Spider-Man / Deadpool crossover comics are the first ever in the Marvel universe for the two heroes to team up, and since the Comics Beat has no other information on the possible plot of the Spider-Man / Deadpool project, Deadpool fans, especially, will come to believe that tension is bound to happen between Deadpool and Spider-Man. What with the attitude of infamous Deadpool, it’s not impossible that these two heroes will clash. The only known meeting of Deadpool and Spider-Man is in the Deadpool #11 comic, written by Joe Kelly and illustrated by Pete Woods, where Deadpool ended up time travelling into the pages of the Silver Age-era Amazing Spider-Man #47.

While no plot is released for Spider-Man / Deadpool #1 comic, Comic Book Resources released a beautiful two-page draft from Ed McGuinness’ Spider-Man / Deadpool drafts.

Spider-Man/Deadpool drafts from McGuinness

Joe Kelly is the man responsible for all 33 issues of the Deadpool comics, but he had his fair share of Spider-Man projects, making him the perfect writer for the Spider-Man / Deadpool crossover comics. His outstanding history with Spider-Man is his involvement on the 2008-2011 Amazing Spider-Man comics with the Webheads writing team.

Spider-Man has always been famous, especially with his numerous movies and re-creations. But Deadpool finally had his fair share of fame recently, when his movie trailer was released at the San Diego Comic-Con panel. Deadpool fans at the San Diego Comic-Con panel rose to their feet during the Deadpool trailer and they even clamored for an encore of the trailer.

The first R-rated superhero film that will release in theatres worldwide, Deadpool producer Simon Kerg assures that Deadpool will push the boundaries of superhero films. It will be hard-on rated R, no taboo, characteristic of the original Deadpool. With the Deadpool trailer making as much noise now, the Spider-Man/Deadpool crossover comics will surely become a hit in the comics-reading niche.

The Deadpool movie will hit theaters February 12, 2016, while the Spider-Man / Deadpool #1 crossover comic is set to debut this coming fall, with no plot details yet to be released or leaked.

[Image via Comic Book Resources]