Beyonce And Jay-Z Pregnant? Beyonce Jealous Of Kim Kardashian’s Baby Bump! [Video]

Rumors are flying again about whether Beyonce and Jay-Z are pregnant – with the help of a surrogate. In January, Beyonce and Jay-Z set the gossip wheel turning when, after a high-profile struggle with infertility, news surfaced the couple were having a boy with the help of an unnamed surrogate, although “the surrogate is still in the early stages of the pregnancy, so [Beyonce and Jay-Z] have yet to announce it to the public,” a source close to the singers told In Touch magazine.

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An insider revealed to Hollywood Life that Beyonce is totally “jealous that Kim, 34, got pregnant and she hasn’t!” The singer, along with husband Jay-Z, is reportedly dying to give Blue Ivy a little sibling, and is envious Kim was able to get pregnant again so quickly.

“Unfortunately [Beyonce] and Jay have struggled to get pregnant this time around. They are seeing their doctor and doing everything they can to have a baby. Beyonce is actually jealous that Kim got pregnant and she hasn’t. They were trying for several months, but Beyonce was having trouble. She was scared about another high-risk pregnancy, so surrogacy became the best decision” for her and Jay-Z.

Although Kim is pregnant, it wasn’t easy. The reality star confirmed to E! News that she and Kanye did resort to IVF to conceive their son, but squashed rumors that they used only male embryos, telling the news site, “I’m grateful just to be pregnant, and we would be happy with a boy or a girl.”

And Kim’s already talking about baby number three: “I might try for another one, if God willing, that works out for me,” she said. “Never say never!” No wonder Beyonce is asking her for advice.

Beyonce is “happy for Kim but also a little envious,” reports Hollywood Life. Beyonce has “even talked to Kim about the difficult process of having a baby and different alternatives like IFV, surrogacy and even adoption. In the end Beyonce thinks it will happen and she will soon have another little baby to love.”

Rumors also have surfaced that Beyonce wants another child to save her marriage to Jay-Z, although none of those rumors have been confirmed.

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A source close to Beyonce and Jay-Z revealed to Vine Report, “friends worried that they wouldn’t be able to hold their marriage together much longer if Beyonce didn’t get pregnant…When they found out the good news, it was like new life was injected into their marriage. [Jay-Z] is 150 percent invested now,” the insider claimed.

Never Too Late #LoveWins ❤️

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