WWE News: Original Plans For Dean Ambrose At ‘WWE Battleground’ In Limbo, Now Off Show Completely?

WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose has been getting huge reactions everywhere he has gone for almost a year now. Since going into the singles world, he has better ovations and reactions by fans than any of his former Shield partners. Sadly. both of them have been given the keys to the Cadillac while he has been forced to drive some sort of Pinto. They allow him to rent time here and there with something nice, but unless he is driving the best available…he isn’t seemingly around at all.

Dean Ambrose was in the WWE World Title mix just last month. He was literally a hair away from winning the title held by Seth Rollins. He was beloved for months earlier, and fans have bought his merchandise as much as any other superstar’s stuff. His popularity is not under question, but the way he is being used is. Now it appears that WWE has nothing for him yet again.

According to The Wrestling Observer, original plans for Dean Ambrose at WWE Battleground was that he was set to face off with Kane. However, with the angle that WWE shot last night having Brock Lesnar seemingly break Kane’s ankle, it appears that match won’t be happening. As of now, Ambrose has nothing to do at WWE Battleground. He was set to have what many thought would be a good match with Bray Wyatt on WWE RAW last night. However, his buddy Roman Reigns interrupted the match, and Ambrose didn’t see action for the rest of the night.

It is currently unknown what WWE plans to do with him on WWE SmackDown. The WWE may very well go with him having the match with Wyatt.

While WWE has nothing for Ambrose at Battleground as of yet, they always could add something last minute during the SmackDown taping tonight. Don’t hold your breath however as that probably won’t happen.

It is weird to see a man who fought for the WWE World Title last month finding himself off the next PPV card.

It is a growing trend among fans that WWE has no idea how to use Dean Ambrose. He is very different, which fans love. However, writers don’t really know how to exploit what Dean can do. So they throw him into random crap until they have actually have something for him. Unless Dean is facing off for the WWE World Title, it seems he is not even close to used. He’ll have random rivalries with people like Bray Wyatt. However, Ambrose never wins in the end with any of his rivalries.

Since going into singles, Dean Ambrose has very few victories in his rivalries. In fact, when it comes to Seth Rollins alone, Ambrose lost the majority of their bouts. Only one of them meant something in the end, but then it turned out to be a major letdown when Rollins kept the title on a technicality. Ambrose is quite popular, so one has to wonder when WWE will figure out how to use him on a regular basis instead of just at random times when they need a crazy man.

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