Jo In Sung And Go Hyun Jung Relationship: K-Drama Stars Of ‘Spring Days’ Still Rumored To Be Dating 10 Years Later

Back in 2005, Korean actress Go Hyun Jung made her comeback after 10 years off-screen in the K-drama Spring Days. Thanks primarily to the hype surrounding Hyun Jung, the show became one of the most-popular K-dramas that year, with a viewership percentage rating of 30 percent. Now, 10 years later, fans are still talking about Spring Days, but mostly the relationship between its main leads, Hyun Jung and Jo In Sung. To put it bluntly, their relationship is akin to Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk from Pinocchio.

As such, rumors of Jo In Sung and Go Hyun Jung dating constantly arise. And now, they are coming up again, as both were seen together recently at an airport.

According to AllKpop, multiple social media sites and online communities went crazy when a photograph of Jo In Sung and Go Hyun Jung at a Japanese airport went viral within the K-drama community. In it, the Spring Days actors seem to walking next to each other while carrying their luggage.

Spring Days Airport
This photograph shows

By now, fans would think Jo In Sung and Go Hyun Jung just so happened to run into each other at a Japanese airport, given the fact they never were in a relationship even once during the past 10 years. That seems to not be the case. IOK Company, the agency that represents both stars, made a statement likening the meeting as nothing more than happenstance, as reported by KdramaStars.

“They went to Japan on different schedules but they happened to return at the same time when they finished work. They definitely don’t have the kind of relationship one would suspect by looking at the picture. They coincidentally returned at the same time together.”

However, Jo In Sung and Go Hyun Jung do have a relationship, albeit not a romantic one. They are good friends — they’ve done things for one another over the years. In Sung was the first guest on Hyun Jung’s talk show, the Go Hyun Jung Show, and Hyun Jung had tea with In Sung prior to his military duty. In conclusion, if both were truly in a relationship, they would most likely be frank about it by now.

[Post Image via KdramaStars, Post Image via Social Media]