Gloria Allred Invites Camille Cosby To Speak To Accusers, Maintains Bill Cosby Is Not The Victim

Gloria Allred, during a press conference held Monday, invited Camille Cosby to speak to Bill Cosby’s accusers. According to the civil rights attorney, by doing so, Mrs. Cosby will find out who the real victims are.

Allred’s invitation comes after a report surfaced over the weekend that Camille Cosby allegedly believes that her husband’s accusers all consented to drugs and sex. As the Inquisitr previously reported, sources close to the Cosby family told the New York Post that Mrs. Cosby is well aware that her husband is a serial cheater, but does not believe he has ever raped anyone.

Speaking during a press conference held Monday in Los Angeles, Gloria Allred said her clients, Beth Ferrier and Rebecca Lynn Neal, “vehemently deny that they took drugs from Mr. Cosby,” according to The Wrap.

Allred invited Camille Cosby to speak to the accusers. In doing so, the attorney says, Camille will find that it is not Bill Cosby who is the victim.

“I invite Mrs. Cosby to meet face-to-face with my clients to hear directly from them what they allege that Mr. Cosby did to them. Mrs. Cosby can ask them any questions she would like to ask and then she can learn who the real victim is.”

Ferrier, Neal, and Allred all said they want Camille Cosby to voice support for the alleged victims.

According to Allred, her clients are backing Andrea Constand’s request for the release of Cosby’s full deposition from 2005. Both Ferrier and Neal have filed a memorandum asking the court to unseal the full transcript.

“In the memorandum our clients argue that they need the entire deposition to be released so that they can defend themselves with the whole truth — not just select passages of the transcript, which have been released.”

Both Ferrier and Neal claim in court documents filed Monday in Philadelphia that they want to see the full text of Cosby’s deposition so they can “better understand” what the comedian said about them in order to “defend themselves” in the future, reports the New York Daily News.

Excerpts of the comedian’s 2005 deposition testimony were released last Monday, revealing his admission under oath to obtaining Quaaludes in order to provide the prescription drug to young women he wanted to have sex with.

Gloria Allred, who represents 17 of the 40 women who have come forward to accuse the comedian of drugging and sexual assault, maintains Cosby’s 2005 admission proves what the victims have been saying about him all along and her clients deserve to get the entire transcript to get “the whole truth, not just select passages.”

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