Week 9 ‘Bachelorette’ Teasers: More Overnight Dates, One Departure And Family Meetings Ahead [Spoilers]

This has been a very dramatic run for ABC’s The Bachelorette 2015 season. Monday night’s episode brings two more of the overnight fantasy dates, and it has been teased that there is some intense drama ahead. However, from the looks of the latest Bachelorette spoiler video out, there’s also some comedy ahead as well. What’s the scoop?

All three final bachelors get the chance to go on fantasy dates this season, and viewers already saw one that went quite well last week. Monday night, a Bachelorette spoiler video from Us Weekly teases that there will be donkeys involved in the next date. The remaining overnight dates are also taking place in Ireland, and this next date involves some quiet time in the Irish countryside feeding some donkeys and just relaxing a bit.

Animals have a tendency to create some unexpected and humorous moments on this show, and this encounter apparently is no exception. However, from the sounds of the Bachelorette spoilers available, it doesn’t throw too big a wrench into this date. The bachelor involved is said to profess his love, though he has a confession to make too.

This particular bachelor was fibbing about something to his lady love, though it doesn’t look like it’ll make too much of a difference. It seems that this fan favorite was lying a bit about his age, as he’s younger than his lady and he was worried that it would make a difference to her. A Bachelorette spoiler preview from the show’s Facebook page shares a sneak peek at how this plays out.

The drama between the other two guys remaining continues to play out in Monday’s episode, and it seems it’ll end up affecting things in the romance department as well. These two may despise one another at this point, but Reality Steve’s spoilers have indicated that they’ll manage to be the last two men standing. After the rose ceremony, where a supposed Bachelor 2016 frontrunner is eliminated, everybody will head to Utah for this season’s tweaked hometown dates.

From the sounds of things from ABC, the meetings in Utah will play out in full on Monday’s show, and at this point, there is no need for another rose ceremony. However, it seems that some parents involved in these meetings are feeling fairly skeptical and there are supposedly additional shocking revelations set to play out during these gatherings.

Both of the final two guys say they’re in love and deep relationships have been built. Who will get the girl at the final rose ceremony in the July 27 episode? Are the two engaged, in love, and planning a future together?

There’s slated to be a lot of drama ahead in this Week 9 episode airing on Monday, July 13 with the “Men Tell All” slated to air on July 20. It’s been a wild ride on ABC’s The Bachelorette 2015 season and viewers are quite curious to see how the rest of the journey plays out.

[Image via Matt Cardy/Getty Images]