ISIS All-Female Al-Khansaa Brigade Set To Hit Europe Disguised As Western Tourists

ISIS is planning to send a mysterious and brutal group of its female militants to wreak havoc in Europe and further spark war between Christians and Muslims, according to a Syrian Middle Eastern terrorism expert who has inside sources within ISIS-held territories.

The ISIS female terrorists allegedly being sent to Europe to carry out attacks are members of the notorious, and dreaded, all-female Al-Khansaa Brigade, reports the Daily Mail.

The Al-Khansaa Brigade, an imposing force of burka-clad brutes that rule ISIS neighborhoods with AK47s and beatings, is believed to have as many as 60 British women in its ranks.

Any woman deemed to be out of line by the patrolling Al-Khansaa Brigade, either because of their clothing, behavior, or a myriad of other potential ISIS violations, are summarily beaten, lashed, both, or worse. The Al-Khansaa Brigade has also been said to force some women into becoming sex slaves for the male ISIS militants.

The ISIS Al-Khansaa Brigade will be ditching their black burkas for their missions into Europe, however, according to Fahad Al-Masri, president of the Centre for Strategy, Military, and Security Studies in Syria. Instead, the female Al-Khansaa Brigade militants will dress up as everyday tourists in a clandestine effort to blend into the Western European environs.

Al-Masri says ISIS will be unleashing ten or more covert Al-Khansaa Brigade members with orders to hit “Christian symbols,” possibly executing suicide bomb attacks.

According to Al-Masri, he received the ISIS Al-Khansaa Brigade plans from sources within ISIS-held territories in Syria, though to protect those sources, he obviously cannot name them.

“This is the first time women will be used in these operations. It will be a surprise for the European authorities who look for men. Women are not as difficult as men to sneak into countries and there are many European women in the Al-Khansaa Brigade, like French and British, which makes it easier for them to get in undetected… We don’t think the women will be wearing a hijab or burka – so they do not stand out. They will be normal like everybody, as if they are tourists.”

As for the goal of the ISIS Al-Khansaa Brigade carrying out anti-Christian terror plots in Europe, Al-Masri believes ISIS would like to pit Christians against Muslims in the West to create a war similar to the Sunni against Shi’ite Muslim violence in Iraq and Syria.

“The next operations for ISIS in Europe will be against Christians… In the Middle East, it’s mainly been Sunni against Shi’ite Muslims, but now ISIS wants to create a conflict between Christians and Muslims. That means ISIS will try and attack Christian symbols in Europe, like the Vatican for example.”

Other potential non-European targets on the ISIS Al-Khansaa Brigade hit list include the UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, and Turkey, according to Al-Masri’s confidential sources.

But other counter-terrorism experts, such as Raffaello Pantucci, from RUSI, don’t believe a pending ISIS Al-Khansaa Brigade attack by the female terrorists disguised as tourists is all that likely.

“These women would have the same difficulties as anyone else trying to launch an attack. Who would you send? You would have to send someone you know had not been noticed by security services before, because you know women as well as men are traveling so they’re watching out for both. You would have to sneak past a very high level of security and in some countries that might be doable but if you try and get into a country like the U.K., it would be incredibly difficult.”

On a male-ego and macho level, Pantucci also points out that the “chauvinist” male ISIS powers-that-be probably wouldn’t send women to carry out their terrorist attacks.

“Why would such a chauvinist society send women back to carry out attacks?” said Pantucci. “There is no evidence of them ever using women before, so there’s not reason for them to start now.”

Whether they attack in Europe or not, and despite any chauvinism within ISIS, the all female Al-Khansaa Brigade sounds like it is already inflicting plenty of terror on the women, men, and children unfortunate enough to be swallowed up by the ISIS-controlled areas in Syria and Iraq.

[Image via Mena Post]