Matthew Graham: California Manhunt Underway For Graham, Suspected In Baby Daughter’s Disappearance [Updated]

Matthew Graham is a wanted man in the state of California.

According to the New York Daily News, Matthew Graham has been labeled as a person of interest in the disappearance of his daughter, 6-month-old Ember. Graham skipped a meeting with his probation officer, stole his mother’s gun, and has been on the move, trying to evade police for about three days now. He is said to be armed and dangerous, and police have reason to believe that he knows what happened to his daughter after she disappeared earlier this month.

“Graham reported his baby girl, Ember, had vanished from her crib July 2, but authorities said he made inconsistent statements. He was seen driving around with his daughter the night before she disappeared, the sheriff’s office said.”

It is possible that Matthew Graham has already been located. As far as where he might be, police have received some new information that suggests that they’ve at least spotted him. According to KRCR TV, police have gotten official confirmation that Graham stole a vehicle in Shasta Lake early this morning. Homeowners say that a man — believed to be Graham — forced them to start the car while pointing his gun at them. Once they complied, Graham jumped in the car and took off.

Police were able to track the vehicle using On-Star and set up a perimeter about an hour after the car was reported stolen. The report indicates that shots were fired, but police have not confirmed whether or not they found Graham, if he’s in custody, or if he has been injured.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Graham took off once he learned that his mother had been questioned in Ember’s disappearance. He reportedly took a gun, money, and a cell phone before fleeing the area on Friday. He has been seen once, buying cigarettes at a gas station. Interestingly enough, his face was on a wanted poster sitting on the counter. It is unknown if the clerk recognized him right away.

Anyone who has any information about Ember Graham or Matthew Graham should call the Shascom Dispatch Center at (530) 245-6540.

[Update]: Matthew Graham was killed during a shootout with police on Monday morning.

[Photo via KRCR TV]