Bale, Affleck Advice: Christian Bale Gives Ben Affleck Sound Advice On The ‘Batman’ Suit

Christian Bale gave Ben Affleck some sound advice when it came to playing Batman, and it was advice that only one superhero could give another.

According to Food World News, the tidbit was revealed at San Diego’s Comic Con over the weekend. Affleck was doing a Q&A panel for the film, and shared the tip he received from Bale at that time.

“I was in the aisle and there was this ‘Oy’, and I turn around and it’s Christian Bale. He’s the sweetest guy. There he and I were standing in the Batman aisle of the costume store. I said, ‘Look, man, you’re the best. You got any tips?’ [To which he replied], ‘Make sure you can piss in that suit.'”

Christian Bale’s Affleck advice wasn’t the only thing that got a laugh during Ben’s Comic-Con appearance. The actor also talked about how Batman directer Zack Snyder explained the character to him in an effort to convince him that he should take the role. According to Mail Online, Snyder was also at the event to talk about the film, and to answer questions.

“He’s at the end of his rope, he’s older… he’s like a burnout,” Snyder said. Affleck got a kick out of it, apparently. The director also talked about the new Batman suit, but didn’t mention whether or not Affleck was able to use the bathroom easily while wearing it.

Christian Bale’s Affleck advice wasn’t the only thing that got people talking about Ben’s Comic-Con stop. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Affleck was spotted wearing his wedding ring at the event, despite his impending divorce. The actor and his wife, Jennifer Garner, have still be wearing their wedding bands, now two weeks after announcing their split.

Ben’s ring was seen while he talked on the Batman panel while Garner stepped out in Atlanta, Georgia, wearing her wedding jewelry. Since the couple has said that they are determined to remain united for the sake of their children, some people believe that they are keeping their rings on as a symbol of that commitment. It may also be a way to give their three kids a sense of normalcy during this difficult time.

As far as supporting one another in their respective careers, however, the two likely won’t be attending any red carpet events together. Fans shouldn’t expect to see Jennifer Garner at the Batman premiere, for example.

[Photo by Kevin Winter / Getty Images]