Jared Padalecki Publicly Thanks Fans On Facebook For ‘Touching’ Comic-Con Moment

Fans of Jared Padalecki know that he is very active on social media. A long gap in posts usually tells fans that he is struggling or busy, and can make many worry. He recently took time off after wrapping up season 10 of Supernatural due to his struggles with depression. The fans soon rallied together to show their support for one of their favorite actors.

Padalecki and his co-star Jensen Ackles have often talked about the “Supernatural family,” and it certainly is. They were both touched and honored by a moment at San Diego Comic-Con, when fans raised candles in support of the 33-year-old actor and his “Always Keep Fighting” campaign. Once he was on his way back to Vancouver to continue filming season 11 of his show, he shared his thanks publicly through his Facebook page.

While reiterating the surprise he had at the moment of the show of support in his post, he also spoke about how the enormity of it was finally sinking in. Saying that he thought people were holding cell phones up at first, he explained that it is due to trouble seeing objects and faces when the stage lights are on. He continued by saying that he was “gobsmacked” by the touching moment. The post has been shared more than 3,600 times and received more than 65,000 likes at the time of writing this.

“A thank you.

To anybody and everybody that had ANY part whatsoever in the Always Keep Fighting Hall H tea light event.

As I travel back to Vancouver from San Diego Comic-Con, with my partners in crime Jensen Ackles and Mark Sheppard, the enormity of what happened is finally starting to sink in….”

Access Hollywood was lucky enough to get an interview with Jared Padalecki after his appearance on stage, where he was able to explain just how important that moment was. He shared just how humbling the moment was, and how great the “family” is.

“I feel so blessed, and grateful, and honored to be a part of the magical Supernatural Family.

Sitting on that stage in Hall H, I initially mistook all of the lights for cell phone cameras. It’s difficult to discern specific shapes and faces with all of those stage lights shining on you (and, it’s quite intimidating up there, sitting in front of 6,500 people!!). Then, when I had a light given to me with an explanation of what it was and what it stood for, I was (and am still) gob-smacked.

Thank you.

From the very bottom of my heart and my soul, thank you so much.”

Jared has previously opened up about his struggle with depression. The Gilmore Girls actor explained that during season three of Supernatural he was recommended by a doctor to take some time off after being diagnosed with clinical depression.

Variety reports that Padalecki could not understand why he struggled with depression. It is something that many others face, and is something that seems to have no rhyme or reason to it. This is part of the reason he started his Always Keep Fighting campaign, which started with a T-shirt of Padalecki. The first campaign saw more than 27,000 T-shirts sold. A second campaign followed, featuring both the main actors from Supernatural. It was after that that Jared had to take time off his busy schedule to recover from exhaustion and a threat of his depression relapsing. He says now that taking that time off was just what he needed, and he will likely opt for it every year.

Jared Padalecki will appear back on screens from October 7, but he continues to keep fans updated and regularly shared videos on his Facebook page and Twitter profile.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]