Donald Trump Questioned By Mexican Man: ‘Would You Build Walls Around All The States’

Donald Trump responded to a man who confronted him over his recent comments about Mexico. As The Blaze reported, Trump was speaking at FreedomFest in Las Vegas on Saturday when a Mexican man asked the presidential candidate about his stance on illegal immigration.

Before the man got to ask his question, Mr. Trump asked him if the governor of Mexico asked the man to come and ask his question.

The man–who said he was from Mexico–said he was “incredibly insulted” by Trump’s remarks on illegal immigration. After finally getting to his question during the question and answer session, the man asked if Trump if he would build walls around all the states to keep criminals from traveling from one state to another. The question was obviously not a serious one, and was meant to act as jab at Trump’s immigration policy.

“Would you build walls around all the states in the United States to prevent all of those rapists and killers that come from elsewhere, in order to avoid the problem?”

Trump responded by saying that no, he in fact would not build border fences around all 50 states. Instead, he said, as president he would build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico. He went on to say that he encourages legal immigration of people from all around the world. Trump also said that illegal immigrants “wreak havoc” on our population.

Mr. Trump has made illegal immigration a focus point of his campaign. Recent comments Trump made during a speech has sparked widespread outrage toward the real-estate mogul turned politician. In his speech, Donald said that some illegal immigrants are murderers and rapists. He also tweeted a message that said Jeb Bush, another Republican presidential candidate, has to like illegal Mexican immigrants because of his wife. The deleted tweet was referring to Jeb Bush’s wife and her Mexican heritage.

Despite the controversy over his immigration statements, Donald Trump is polling extremely well. In many polls, Trump is leading all of his Republican competition. A few points behind Trump are Jeb Bush and Rand Paul. It should be noted that some polls have Trump and Bush tied.

His comments on immigration haven’t been criticized solely by democrats, though. Many Republicans have also found Trump’s remarks offensive as well. Republicans like Sen. John McCain have said that Trump is doing damage to the party. Others, like Sen. Lindsey Graham agree that Donald is doing more harm than good to the Republican party.

[Photo by Charlie Leight / Getty Images]